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Biopsy in two days

So I have my liver biopsy in two days and im starting to get nervous about it, they have requested I stay in over night because of a blood clotting deficiency I already have! They are also going to do an endoscopy the following day! The questions i have are, how painful is the biopsy and also the same question about the endoscopy and also what is the recovery time for both?

Any reply would be helpful


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It is normal to have an over night stay if you are having a biopsy and have blood clotting issues as they will probably have to give you a platelet transfusion prior to the procedure and then they have to monitor you for several hours afterwards to ensure you don't have any post op bleeding.

Have they said which method of biopsy they are doing? If you have blood clotting issues they generally opt to do a transjugular biopsy rather than the standard through the side - there are less risks of bleeding doing it this way. That's not as gruesome as it sounds, they numb either entry site with a small local anaesthetic and for the most parts you don't feel anything other than a slight pinch when they click to take the samples and perhaps a pull when they retract the implements (my hubby has had both methods and said both were a doddle). It's the lying prone for a few hours afterwards that caused him most issues (especially when he needed the loo and wasn't meant to move). Generally recovery from this is quick, no heavy lifting or major exercise for a few days and that's really it. Yes like every procedure some people don't get it as easy but for the majority the biopsy is quick and relatively painless.

The endoscopy is a bit unpleasant and goes against your bodies own defences (gag reflex). My hubby has had many and at first had major issues with them. He has required 42 bands to varices and he's now learned some coping mechanisms along the way. Opt for both throat spray and sedation and you shouldn't be aware of the procedure & you'll get a good sleep. Hold your breath when they apply the throat spray and you shouldn't start gagging straight away, shut your eyes when they put in the bite block and before you know it you'll be sitting up in bed after a snooze of a few hours which you didn't realise had passed. The endoscopy takes all of 10 minutes (even if banding required). You may have a bit of a sore throat afterwards and if you've required banding then a bit of discomfort for some days afterwards (especially when eating and drinking). It isn't the most pleasant of things to have to go through but try and be as calm as possible and don't frighten yourself - the sedation works much better the calmer you can be before hand.

Fingers crossed you'll be posting in a couple of days that both were a doddle if a bit uncomfortable.

All the very best to you, Katie :)


Basically biopsy will be sore, I've had two, I never had any pain relief after procedure, it was offered but I didn't feel I needed it, but there aren't any awards for being a hero, so if you want some take it. I took train home the next day and could feel it, but in a couple of days it was fine, I would advise a day off from work, as I went in and felt crap.

The endoscopy shouldn't hurt, but is uncomfortable, but there are usually nurses who will help you through it, you will more than likely be sedated so no driving afterwards.

Don't worry, just go with it, there is nothing to be afraid off πŸ˜‰


Hi Ryan , the biopsy is nowhere near as bad as what you imagine in your head, I would say uncomfortable rather than painful but I totally understand your nervousness, I have a liver biopsy scheduled for the 4th of November and I am also worried even though I have had it done before and know it's not that bad, think it's just human nature to be scared of these things, same for the endoscopy as long as you request sedation then you are not really aware of what's happening, hope all goes well for you πŸ€—


Good luck Ryan xx

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Hi all, just a quick update, the biopsy went okay, I only had mild redirected pain in my shoulder which subsided quickly after some pain killers, the endoscopy was unpleasant but not as bad as it sounded! Thanks to everyone who replied and helped ease my nerves.


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