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Low albomin


My husband was diagnosed with non alcoholic liver cirrohsis 5 months back. He had complications like edema and acites and had portal hyper tension with esophagul verices of grade 3. He under went banding process and was on diuritics with other medications for portal hypertension. After a month he developed electroltes (low sodium, high potassium) imbalance and confusion due to excess diuritics. His creatinine level was2.7.

He was again hospitalised for 3 days and discharged. He was on low salt diet with high protein for 2 months with all normal readings of electrolyes and creatinine 1.1. His albomin was 2.7 then. He continued With medium salt consumption and high protein diet, now his albomin level came down to 2.3. Doctor asked us to come for the check up after 6 months as he LFT and creatinine showed normal results in July, and he gaind back his energy level too. Now, he has slight edema on his legs with low albomin. Anything could be done to increase albomin? PL advice.

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Your husband probably needs to see his medical team again. I don't think there is anything dietary or anything which will increase the albumin and it lowering is an indicator things are not going well somewhere in his system.

Request an appointment rather than waiting too long.

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Thanks a lot for the immediate response. Will post after seeing out heptologist.



Do you have a liver nurse, mine brought my consultant's appointment forward 3 months. If you haven't, you could phone his secretary. Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

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