Help re travel insurance and varise banding,

Hi. I am not sure how to go about insuring after a varise bleed and three lots of banding. The insurance company I tried Staysure, asked if it is a year since last Banding and it is now, just....but we dont want to go abroad until next May..they now say they will need to know if varises are still under control then . I would need another endodcopy obviously but that isnt due to March time, if indeed it will be done in time and of course most of the flights and holidays to Italy or Greece are full up or very expensive. Consultant will not push the endoscopy forward as I had some scarring and swallowing problems and also I had asked for an endodcopy early this year but couldn't get insurance as it wasnt the year up! I dont have too many other symptoms.

Any help would be appreciated as we so want a break next year and also because a transplant is not on the cards yet and I am 67....getting to near the cut off point.

Thank you


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  • Try Avanti for your insurance. They were the only company that would insure me. I didn't have varises tho..

  • Thanks

  • the simple answer is go to a different insurance provider

  • I have done that! ....Staysure was my last company...all the same answer. I just hoped that someone on the site would have had experience of the same situation. Have you been through this?

  • it is possible to get a general policy covers everything costs thou

    its a one size fits all, but obviously it would be better to have a policy for what you need

  • Hi,

    The British Liver Trust do have an insurance list we can email to you, we cannot guarentee that it will cover every chronic liver condition but it is a useful list to try. We would also suggest that you see your liver specialist prior to going on your holiday to ensure that you are medically safe to travel/fly.

    Please email and I will send it out to you,

    Best wishes,

    BLT Admin

  • Hi Bobbycat. I had 2 varices banded. No bleed though. Found good value insurance through JD Travel. They give you a general policy price and the you go through a medical screening with Tokio Marine who look at your condition in more detail. They will then tell you if they will cover your condition and what the extra premium will be. Very helpfull people and the only place I could find insurance at a reasonable price with full cover.

  • Thanks for that.

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