Re-scope and MORE banding

One big varicies banded yesterday and two that were too small to we have a re-scope in four weeks to tackle those ones that were too small to band yesterday.

🙁 I don't like banding...the idea of doing it all again is just not fun. 28th band done yesterday! I suggested a cake for my next lot....they didn't say no....

Hope your all doing good xx

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  • Each time my hubby goes now he says he's heading for his 'GOLDEN BAND' - must have blurted it out to consultant whilst he was under sedation and she had to come and see me for clarification - we had a chuckle when I explained he was sitting at 42 bands at present & was aiming for his 50 :) . However, he has been all clear / all eradicated since June 2014 and now only going for yearly ultrasound following a regime of every 6-8 weeks early on.

    Hope it all went well and goes well next time round.

    Katie x

  • Katie, that's amazing news for him. I remember my consultant very early on saying that he doesn't plan on eradicating but controlling so fairs to say I am jealous of your husband!! 42 bands seems ridiculous for anyone!! I hope he's on the 'mend' xx

  • Hi Chelle , I was wondering last night how you were ? Well I'm glad to see at least it was on one you had to have done , but another scope ! Don't know how you cope as I cannot stand them . I'm due another one myself I can feel it coming on as I am seeing a hepetologist on 28 Feb for the first time since 2008 , I was only ever under gastroenterology , but discharged two years ago so this is a full MOT so to speak . Hope your keeping ok though . Thinking of you . Best wishes. Linda X

  • Thanks Linda. Oh I hope your wrong. I really wouldn't wish these on anyone....I'll keep my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Your welcome chelle . Well only ever had one endoscopy ? No varices were found , but your talking 9 yrs this year . So to be honest it really wouldn't surprise me . Thank you ! I will keep you posted xx

  • Oh Chelle. That's a shame. I've to go for a scope in a few weeks.. taking the sedation this time.. tried to be brave last time but it was traumatic... you are sooo brave and upbeat. I thank you for sharing your experiences. I didn't have any varices last time so have fingers crossed. Let us know how you get on. You go girl xx

  • I'm happy with my four bands, that's enough, the banding it's self doesn't bother me it's how it's performed, got my next endoscopy at the end of the month, there will be cake, or soggy weetabix depending on my mood!

  • Thanks guys. I'm not doing so well today, pain in my lower back, upper back, chest and throat....I'm really dizzy n feel quite weak. I'm hoping a good nights kip will sort me out x

  • One thing I don't like here in the UKi is being kept awake for endoscopies. Bone marrow testing. Banding, etc.

    When I was in the US they always knocked me out..saying it was too traumatic and that the body will automatically try to eject any foreign things In the airway. It was much better an: they do it easier when things are relaxed inside.

    Yay for golden band! How fun!

    Cheering you on,


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