Does the TV ONLY add 10lbs...

So Organ Donation Awareness week, I had the pleasure of meeting Catherine Jones, the Health Correspondent from Channel 5 News on Monday.....Here's what we got up to;

P.S. I have another endoscopy on the 26th Sept....anyone want to take my place?


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  • Hi Chelle,

    Unfortunately we can't get the clip to load? Maybe you could email it to us at, we'd love to see it!

    Best wishes,

    BLT Admin

  • I have sent it through. I'll have to see if I can get it to work.

  • Hi Chelle, would you send it to me too, so interested to see it. Hope you're doing OK. I've had 3 endoscopies in last 3 months, not ready to take your place for a loooooooooooong time! my email is

  • Thank you for sending it to us, it was brilliant- and clearly shows the importance of donation.

    Warm wishes,

    BLT admin

  • Hi chelle ! that's great ! but won't load on here hun .Oh not another endoscopy .I cannot stand them .was awake during the last one I had in june and I swear I can still feel that camera pipe 🀒. Good luck hun xx

  • Oh and could you possibly email to me 😊.. when you have time .it's .Would love to see it xx

  • Hope you're doing well Linda. All the best πŸ‘πŸ‘x

  • Hi Matt ! How are you 😊. I will send you a message over .hope your ok πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘x send it over in a while .

  • Wow wow wow Chelle! That's amazing of you to be involved like that! Sending a great message too. And I know you probably get this a lot.... but you look so well!

    also great to be able to put a voice to all those sarcy and funny comments you make. Love it.

    Really hope your time comes soon

    Matt x

  • Thanks matt. I look well because I have expensive make up! Lol

  • Hi chelle ! .many thanks hun .

    Absolutely bloody fantastic ! .you look so so well !! Amazing .I really hope more people see how it affects us and others around us .what an achievement to be involved πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Such a lovely lady .your time will come .. I'm sure xx

  • Well it works! Look great Chelle.

  • Are they Haribo you're counting out?

  • Oh if only they were!

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. trust you identity lol

  • Hi

    What a brilliant video, I really hope you get the call soon. Xxxx

  • It downloaded on my ipad....great to get a chance to view your concerns on TV where people can watch and hopefully understand the desperate need for transplants...well done.

  • There are some who are just televisual ( is that a word ? photogenic but on television) and you are one of them.

    You came over extremely well and the message was clear.

    Well done.


  • Great work Chelle.

  • Well done I would be so tongue tied lol

  • I was very nervous, I wanted to say something that would go down in the history books....but that never happened, but if one person signs on the donor register then I would say that was a successful campaign :-)

  • Thanks everyone. It was a surreal experience. I know Dulux was on South East Today on Monday as well, his was emotional. It's great to be able to get involved with getting people to understand how important it is not just those waiting for liver transplants but for those waiting for any transplant. It's also so important for those that have signed the register to talk about's a horrid decision to have to make especially if you are about to or have lost a loved one.

    I also appreciate the comments of me looking so well, but I thought it was one of the unwritten rules of 'what to say and what not to say to ill people?' what people see is a lot of make up and me talking for 30 seconds, what people don't see is there were three high voltage lights beaming down on my face to give it colour....that I had to take 2 anti-sickness tablets one prior to filming and one during, they also don't show you the pain that I feel in my stomach and the headaches I suffer from, the day sweats that I was suffering from while they were filming....I curse myself every day for looking well - my life would be easier if I didn't.

    I suppose I am one of the lucky ones, I work full times or well 3.5 days a week and one at home, I still manage to drive myself and live on my own. I am grateful that I don't have to explain to everyone everyday what is wrong with me....

    The medication I take is doing it's job in part, my attitude and make up do the rest.

    I hope for those waiting for calls this week of awareness enhances there arrivals, those that are riding illness' out or are facing there own daily battles are doing as well as possible, don't forget a little bit of what is bad for you can be very good at times - especially if it is cake!

    Best Wishes :-)

  • Well put.

    This is why I really like the notices on trains, buses and accessible toilets;

    "Not all disabilities are visible"


  • Yep. I went for years feeling awful but not looking unwell. It is a kind of curse because you feel like people don't really think you're that unwell and "being tired" isn't really that bad. Well since transplant my life has turned around. Before colleagues and even family members just thought I was lazy. I had no interest in anything other than getting home and "chilling out". This went on for years and years.

    Since then I had my transplant, and this week I cycled to work Monday (20 miles), 25 miles on my mountain bike after work last night, planning about 30 miles on my road bike today, 20 miles tomorrow and a 36 mile mountain bike ride Sunday. Next Sunday I have my 50 mile sponsored ride.

    I also passed a Microsoft exam within about a year of transplant (MCSA), which I couldn't even think of attempting before and I'm now well into my MCSE.

    And really to look at me you wouldn't say I look any different.

    The thing with liver disease is that it only starts to show towards the final stages. Only a few months before transplant I went bright yellow, lost muscle and gained massive ascities. But the feeling of exhaustion, and inability to concentrate went on for about 10 or so years.

  • AND even in the first stages of going yellow you'll be amazed how many people say you look good with a tan, and where have you been on holiday.

  • Lol...I have this, but then at times I think I do look tanned. My eyes are yellow mostly in the evenings, my other half noticed the other day which concerned me.

    You really have done so well after tx and it's good to see that your leg hasn't caused you any further problems.


  • Yes, like I say it's been incredible. I know some people don't come out the other end as well as me and continue with ongoing complications. And my thoughts are with those people!

    But it's amazing how transplant has changed my life. It seriously makes me wonder how my life would have been different if by 27 I wasn't ill enough to have been diagnosed with late stage liver disease.

    It really is disabling and I think I would have achieved so much more in my career and personal life. BUT I AM SO GREATFUL I have got my life back now.

    And the leg was a walk in the park compared to liver disease!

  • Such true words spoken there rodeojoe , I don't look poorly so to speak , but I know I have deteriorated in the last 10 months .I was supposed to have been going to a concert last night , I never went . Yet I had always wanted to see them .I even had premium seats .but my tiredness and my can't be bothered took over , plus I have stage T_2.5 osteopeniain my hip so standing up or walking too far is a no no .My life is turned upside down yet I am still thankful I'm alive .My 67 yr old neighbour is more active than i am . Good to see that your doing so well .

  • Hi Chelle managed to see it at last, you do look fab, and in those few seconds of TV airtime you conveyed such an important message.

    Best wishes

  • Hi Chelle haven't been on here for quite some time but watched your video just now and that's a great thing to do trying to make more aware about donation and the amount of people waiting and dying while on the list Power to you girl and hope it's soon for you and all of us waiting Bri Xx

  • I got it to load and have shared it on my Facebook page.

    Our own tv personality! Well done hun

    I have been sharing a different prompt to registering as an organ donor at least twice a day this week.

    The week needs advertising and reinforcing.

    Rita xx

  • Well done, glad you're getting out there. I'm sure your day will come soon. You've done so well to keep it together till now. You are an example to all.

  • Dear Chelle,

    What a wonderful video and a poignant message!

    I did speak to my family about being a donor - I am registered - but only thought about talking to my children about it when - last year a family v-tode their loved ones wishes... I didn't know that could happen - so had to make sure they understood...

    I take my boys to donate blood as I always think this is the first step to donating organs - they see the importance...

    I'm wishing with all my heart that the call comes soon...

    Yours truly,


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