Response from donor family

Response from donor family

Almost a year to writing to my donor family 2 weeks ago i recieved a reply. Real bitter sweet moment. So lovely to hear about my donor but the emotions that went through me were so mixed. I walked in one day to see a letter from Leeds. Opened it to expect an appointment but i got a beautiful card with words i could never forget. Happy & sad at the same time. They asked me to contact them again. I already have. It's donor week. Never forget who gave us the gift of life. Those waiting i hope you get yours soon 💕💕

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  • That's really good. We have written twice to our donor family, once after transplant & again a year later but we haven't had a reply. We totally accept the families wishes if they don't want any contact so you are very lucky that your family do. Terry would love contact with his.

    Love mal

  • aww. Maybe things still hurt on their side? Maybe they have accepted the letters but don't know how to reply? Lots of discussion on this on website the other day. People wondered if their letters were forwarded. I really hope so. I know a few had been contacted to change some things because of confidentiality. Hope he gets a reply xx

  • I've written 2 letters to my donors family but only actually sent 1, I think I will review the second one I wrote and send it though.

    I can really understand the mixed emotions. I certainly won't expect a reply, but I'm very curious and would love to show my gratitude to the family. But how exactly do you do that? And what kind of relationship would develop?

  • rodeo, send the second letter. Maybe now the times right. 😊 it would be incredible to get a reply. It's so hard to show Love & gratitude isn't it on paper. I just explained how much my life had changed thanks to them. Bit about how I'm doing what I'm doing, the kids & grandkids. I'm really curious to see what kind of relationship comes from this. Give it another go. Hope you get a reply back xx

  • I'm curious too. You'll have to keep us informed please.

    Yes writing that letter was the single most difficult thing I've ever written. Because as grateful as I was, I wanted to be mindful that it wasn't all about how well I was doing. Perhaps that would give them comfort or perhaps they just didn't care, or would be offended about how well I was doing after they lost a loved one.

    Yes I talked about how I was able to get my life back together. At the time my kids were 7 and 9, and I had been terrified for them. So of course a lot of the letter consisted of my gratitude that I could look after them and they could have a father.

    My third anniversary is coming up in November, I will revisit the old letter and add another year to it.

  • great time to send Rodeo. Please let me know if u get any response. Wishing and hoping for you xx

  • Dear Sheri,

    What a true honour!

    We wrote to our donor family around February time last year... It is difficult to judge what to say and when, so you having contact with the family is truly amazing.

    We will write again... - thank you for sharing such a special moment with all of us here on the site.

    Yours truly,


  • Hi

    How are you? Like Pear said having contact with the family is amazing. I can only imagine the mixed feelings you must have . Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

  • hey, sorry life has been throwing so many obstacles in my way. Not had much time to myself. I hope its better for you xxx

  • Hi

    Hope you start to feel a little better soon. I seem to be going worse not better but I will keep smiling!! Xxxx

  • thankyou Pear. I hope you get a wonderful reply too xxx

  • What a tough time for you all. What a beautiful response to have. xx

  • thankyou hunny xxx

  • Dear sheri

    How heartwarming is that 💕 I can only imagine the mixed emotions equally felt by both the donor family and you, the recipient. The loss of their loved one and the wonderful gift of life extended to a well deserving human being like yourself is truly amazing, that is what I would call humanity at its best.

    I hope you are keeping well.

    Much love my dear friend.

    Jacqui xx💕xx

  • hey hunni. It's been a rough time this end. hope ur ok. Miss you. Love ya ❤ xoxo 💋

  • Sorry to hear that 😔 It's been a really tough year this end too. Love ya back ❤️

  • thankyou sweetheart . Sorry not replied sooner. Ive been in hospital having my hernia operation. Home now & healing. Sorry its been tough one for you too. Love ❤ & hugs 🤗 as always xxx ♡

  • thankyou everyone. I have it at the side of my bed. I look at it every time i walk in the room. I've replied as they asked me to. It's so difficult as you have to be so careful with what you do say ( confidentiality) i have asked what his fave music foods etc were. Told them i had a new granddaughter i was able to see being born due to their wonderful gift . Replied with a card that way i didn't say too much but told them again how truly grateful i was to them all. Something i do think everyday . I know if they don't accept the letter you send then it stays with the donors paperwork for 20/25yrs incase its wanted in years to come. I hope you all get something back from your donors. took mine a year to reply as they were still grieving terribly which I totally understand. Much love to each of you 🤗 💖 xxx

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