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Letter from donor's family

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Just received a letter back along with a couple of photos from my donor's family 🤗. What an amazing selfless man! So humbled to have had a new chance at life and proud to be carrying part of his legacy somehow. It feels so surreal learning his name and seeing what he looked like.

Anyway just wanted to share. Hope you're all having a fantastic week 😊

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That is amazing to receive a letter from the family. I don't suppose many people learn who saved their life, I think I'd want to know if it was possible.

Have a great day and love your life :) xx

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That's amazing. What a lovely family. Take care Lynne

Lovely news x

That's wonderful. We would have loved this to happen for us but we have to respect the donor family's privacy. We will carry on sending a card every year though.

Wow, how touching! As you’ve recognized, you are quite fortunate to have made this connection. I am so glad they replied! Now you know who lives within you ... in a way, you are never alone. All the best with the beautiful life ahead of you ...

Hi, I'd imagine that must have sparked many thoughts,emotions and feelings. Your letter must have given them the inspiration to reply, I'd imagine they are very proud of their family member. I'm sure its reassuring to them that this has made such a big, positive impact on your life, and that of your family. As such it must help to make sense of their loss to a certain degree.

Thank you for sharing this, it's lovely to know you have helped each other.

Best wishes, stay well.

That's really lovely to hear. It made me feel emotional just reading your post it must have been much, much more so for you reading the letter and seeing those photo's of your donor and their family. Thanks for sharing. Alf

How lovely ☺

That is wonderful 😊. X

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That is absolutely amazing and wonderful as well.

I haven’t yet written my letter to the donor’s family yet. 4 months. I’ve written it in my head many times but can’t get happy with it.

At QEHB you have to send the letter to the TP assessment team who vet it. Is it same for other hospitals?

Great stuff KLDN - as others have said you must have written a great thank you letter. 👍


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Thank you Miles. They did sound genuinely happy I wrote to them and said they'd like to keep in touch. Already planning my second letter. I'll send my phone number as well, assuming the transplant team are happy with it, and if I get their address at some point, I'll be sending a card and a little something every Christmas directly to them.

I'm sure you'll come up with something lovely to write eventually. Doesn't have to be rushed. It took me nearly 2 years but got there in the end 😊

Yes I think all hospitals are the same when it comes to writing to donor's family. They check there's no personal information like full name, address, phone number or anything inappropriate.

Hope recovery is going well 😃


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Hi Miles. I've yet to write my letter. Like you I've composed it in my head many times. I spoke to the transplant team about it at my last clinic a week before Christmas. They said that some of the guidelines have changed so to wait to write it and they would post me a booklet that would help me. I received the booklet a few days ago and I plan to start putting my thoughts on paper in the next few days. Freddy.

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Aha thanks whoppingbigfred.


That's great to hear

Hubby sent his via his transplant team last month

He quite often wonders who saved his life

That is amazing, to see you donor must be heart stopping

I have sent my letter, but had no reply. I wonder what I would feel if I did,

For me it would bring the debt I owe in a very sharp focus


Thank you for sharing. How nice that they were comfortable enough to let you know something about your donor.

Best wishes in the future,


Hi. What generous spirit they have. It's wonderful to be able to share this together with them in such a positive way. Bless you all.


Wow. That is amazing. Quite emotional for you as well. I would have loved to have known more about my donors. X

You are indeed, very lucky to have heard from your donor family, I still live in the hope that mine will contact me eventually, but that maybe it’s too hard for them. To my knowledge they have never asked for the letters (my husband and sister also wrote one) or gifts I have sent (just small ones) and will continue to do so on the anniversary of my transplant. All I know is that my donor was male and in his early 60s. I have also been told, tho not entirely sure how correct it is, that liver transplants are associated with alcohol in people’s minds (wrongly - as cirrhosis has various causes and alcohol is just one) and for that reason, believing it to be self inflicted, they often do not reply to liver recipients. I spoke to a lady whose son had died at 21, 12 individuals’ lives were changed because of him and she never received one letter and she told me how delighted she would have been to receive just one letter. So, I do think it’s important to send one, however long it takes to write.

You are so very very lucky x

PS: sorry for all the waffle, I tend to do that since my op! 🤣🤣🤪😘

I got my sister to make 2 beautiful cards for me. One for the donor and one for the transplant team. I couldn’t buy a card nice enough to send. X

Absolutely amazing, that would blow my mind.

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