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Stomach tingling and pains

Hi all, I'm really glad to report that after my friend cut salt out of his diet the water pills are starting to work at last! Thanks to you guys for your advice. He has lost half a stone in a week and this must be fluid as he has nothing else to lose.

He has asked me to post the question does anyone get a prickly feeling in their stomach, and stomach pains? We are wondering if this is due to the stomach being stretched by fluid or even by the skin starting to contract as the fluid goes?

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Hello jacksonfield,

wonderful that your friend is beginning to expel the fluid. I say ascites is a nasty condition.

As for your question, I certainly had stomach pain when it got better. Never thought about the reason. Could have even been from not eating. I cannot even tell if it was there before things improved or not, as my whole abdomen wss hurting when I was in balloon modus. I distinctly remember using Reflex spray a lot on my ribs in order to alleviate the pain when things were real bad.

Let him stay away from salt. Maybe take waist measures every morning to control the progress made.

It feels good when you shrink. Quite.

Good luck,


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Thanks P, taking measurements is a great idea as it will really cheer him up to see it shrink! I'll look into the reflex spray as well. He gets a lot of general aches and pains but trying to stay away from pain killers. Good to know you have had this and got rid of it, that gives us hope. He is eating quite well as that is something important we feel for his general improvement and yes staying away from the salt!

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