Probably need help

Drinking is a way of life and social standing pretty much most of my adult life.. last night was a heavy one.. I woke up (again) with serious pain n pressure on right side.. it feels like fluid and i feel like I should be another few feet taller to allow my organs to fit inside my body.. it feels like everything being compacted but i look like im 20 months pregnant. (Not normally a big lady) is there an easy way without medical intervention I can get rid of this swelling??? The pain I'll deal with..but i look huge n I swear it's getting worse by the hour.

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  • You need to go to your GP. I suspect you already know that, but delaying could be a vey bad idea. Things tend not to just go away on their own.

    So, stop the booze and get seen, that really is the easy way.

  • To me it sounds like ascities a build up of fluid well in fact I'm pretty sure it is. You will need a drain you should go to your gp immediately and he will advise with a letter of diagnosis to go straight to A/E for a drain. I too blew up like I was pregnant and hadn't a clue what was going on. I was later diagnosed with cirrohsis. I'm not saying you will but there will be a number of blood test to rule it out. Make sure and come back to us to let us know how you are.

    best wishes


  • Speaking from experience, you really need to see your GP. When it gets to this stage, it is quite serious and hoping it will go away will not work. Really, when it gets as big as you describe, a drain is really the only option. It can then be controlled with diuretics, to stop it happening again, in most cases. At the same time they will check you over for anything else and probably do a scan on you.

    I realise that this option sounds as attractive as eating cold rice pudding, but you must go and see your GP and soon.

    Secondly and this is probably what is preying on your mind, is that the drinking will have to be curtailed. That is a second issue and I can give you advice on that, but first, please go and see your GP.

  • hi hope your feeling bit better? Did you attend your gp appointment that you had scheduled a couple of weeks ago? What was the outcome from that?

  • Sent for chest x ray and had bloods done..not been back since

  • " there an easy way without medical intervention I can get rid of this swelling???"



    P.S.: Go see a doctor. In any case you must cease ANY alcohol intake. Avoid sodium (salt) wherever and as much as possible.

  • My body craves salt all the time. It's a tough one to cut out.

  • It mght be a tough one, but you have no choice. Need to get used to it ASAP. I mean ASAP as in now.


  • Hello there,

    Some good advice from others replying to your questions.

    One word of caution.

    You don't say exactly how much you drink but I suspect it's a lot.

    It is not advisable if drinking heavily, to stop abruptly as withdrawal can be severe and sometimes dangerous.

    Cut down slowly and take advice from either your GP or a dedicated substance abuse specialist / organisation.

    Take care.


  • Obviously you are right about the dangers of withdrawal. Mi advice to stop alcohol ingestion was generic. Just so that the person who asked might get familiar with the idea of not drinking.


  • You need to go to your doctor asap. This wont go away on its own and the sooner you go the sooner you know what you are dealing with. Take someone with you. I hope you reply on here soon with some news

  • High no 1i know what. How you feel. I was. A heavy. Drinker from my teens through until my forties. Then in 2012 I was treated for cirrhosis. I kept putting off going to the doctors the pain was unbearable. It wasn't till I started. Turning yellow. And bloated I looked pregnant they admitted. Me I was on drips for dehydration. An water tablets. Then after a month bk in with pluracy I gave up for 21 months then fell off the wagon I felt I had let everyone. Down. My fibro. Scan now is 6.8 and I've been off the poison. For a year and every day is a hurdle. But I know my mum an dad are looking out for me from above x

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