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need some advice pps

Hi everyone. i am very scare n confused here. i was diagnosed of portal hypertension n maldly enlarged spleen with low platelets of 99 on march 25 2017. all cause of portal hypertension was tested for n came back negetive. cirrhosis, hep, HIV, schistosomiasis test was all done n negative. a month later without any medication given or prescribe i did another blood work the came ok but now I'm having some chest pains n a wave like abdominal pain that come n go. also some pain in my upper back area too! i ve a pending exam for july which look a bit long for me cos i have no treatment ever since then. can anyone help with any advice medically? I'm 34yrs old male. tnx

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after my transplant my new liver started failing..and because of portal hypertension I had to get a shunt..biggest mistake of my life. Now I have hepatic enchalopathy..its like early onset dementia. This is only my story..everyone is different. But Im still on morphine for pain..except now I can go completely blank with no memory for up to 2 days at a time. it is horrible. period.

Talk to your doctors..only they can really decide what is best for you.


thanks for the reply dear friend....


If it's on the right side it couldbe gallstones, ask for a scan to rule that out, otherwise it sounds like a liver problem. I have PBC, so unlucky to be blessed with this curse, I was 33 when I got diagnosed but refuse to give in to it. Symptoms are horrendous, itching and fatigue which I've never experienced😢. Take care, we're all behind you, keep in touch with the group xxx

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hi every one. i had another blood work yesterday which came out fine. but i still ve this discomfort in my chest n abdominal region. sharp pain on my heart n heaviness in chest area too. have anyone experience this symptoms after a diagnosis of portal hypertension n maldly enlarged spleen ?


They really need to work on the cause of your portal hypertension. Have you had any imaging scans? Most people on this site who have portal hypertension have it as a result of blockages in the liver either due to various liver conditions or indeed scarring of the liver but doing some research on it shows it can result from a whole range of other issues & doctors need to do a lot more tests to see why you have this condition which is not without risk.

Quite a lot of good information is to be found at:- I notice you are saying you are getting pain in the heart area, has this been checked out as in the list of possible causes of portal hypertension right sided heart issues can be a cause.

Don't be fobbed off, doctors need to find out what on earth is going on with you.

All the best, Katie


tnx a lot for the reply..i had a cat scan in march. liver is good shape n size. none cirrhosis... portal hypertension as they said n needed follow up. i also had a chest x Ray two weeks ago n it came back normal too. EKG was done n normal. only need to c a GI DOC which will be on june 13.


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