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Hep Delta


My husband has chronic Hep B and is on Viread for last 7 years. Has anybody with Hep B tested for Hep Delta? This is something I came to know few months ago as I follow the WWW.Hep B.org closely and recently they had several sessions to raise awareness about it and to encourage patients with Hep B to test for Hep Delta. This it the link to find more about it hepb.org/research-and-progr...

We are going to get the test done on our next appt. However there is no treatment available for this right now. It is considered to be very aggressive and will lead to Cirhossis at much faster rate then with just Hep B alone. It's scary to get tested for it when you know there is no light at the end of this tunnel with no treatment options available.

Thank you & take care

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If you look in the related posts box on the right of your screen you will see that there was one other poster who's loved one had both Hep B and Hep Delta and was going through the process of transplant listing at time of post.

Don't think we've seen another Hep B/Hep D + post on here other than that one.



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