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Dont know what to do and getting no help from hep dr.

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I am supposed to start treatment friday. And i cant get anyone to call me back from Hepatologists office. I also take omeprazole and was told by Drs pharmacist start taking it at night and drink a glass of cranberry juice with harvoni in morn. Gillead Co, special pharmacy pharmacist, a harvoni FB group i joined and the internet all said do not take it separate. Take together on an empty stomach. Also i am almost positive in bloodwork i did years ago it mentioned a had hep b at one point. But nothing is being said from this dr about that. Im so beyond scared to start treatment having nothing but incompetence as support from the hep dr and staff. I dont know what to do and i cant get anyone to call me back to ask. A bit of advice stay the hell away from Utah, the medical here is very incompetent. 3 times have been to only hospital heres ER, all 3 times misdiagnosed. Constant conflicted information and misdiagnoses from Primary dr. I dont know to do treatment if i have had b. Gonna try and find paperwork tonight from that past bloodwork. I dont know what to do and am getting no guidance help or support from the hep dr.

6 Replies
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Dichele, It seems from most situations here, that everyone is treated different, advice on how to and how not to take medications, what to eat or what not to eat etc...I would steer clear of information you are given except that of your doctor, they are the only ones trained to provide information.

Keep trying to call your doctors, I am sure they are just dealing with emergencies. All the best.

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Hi. Best advice I can give is only start the harvoni after you have spoken with Dr or hepatologist. Extra monitoring needed if you've had hep b in the past. You're not alone, I've been misdiagnosed 3 times in UK almost cost me my life, just waited 6 wks for a response from my liver nurse. some of us unlucky, or not believed for unknown reasons. Keep calling. xx

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Dichele121965 in reply to navigatinglife

Wow. Im sorry youve been thru so much. Just talked to nurse today and verified i came in contact with hep b. Not sure what that means but the dr is supposed to call at some point to answer some questions before i start. So will see what happens. Its hard to trust or put your life in the drs hands out here. But i guess i have to with this one

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navigatinglife in reply to Dichele121965

Good news. I hope you can start the harvoni soon, and clear the virus best wishes, keep us informed 😍😍

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Leave a message with dr reception anyone tell them your going to your lawyer even if you don’t have one sounds like negligent malpractice, abandonment of duty of care. Document every call you make and non response briefly state who what where and when u called good luck did u ever get hep B vaccination?

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I just got the hep a and b immunization a week ago. Have to go in a month for 2nd shot then i think in 3 or 6 months for last one

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