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Roux Loop & PSC

Hey all,

I've just been reading some information on transplants published by Leeds as chances are once we move that's probably where my transplant will take place.

Within the literature they mention PSC patients will also have a procedure called Roux Loop. From what I can see and have googled this is basically a bypass procedure, namely bypassing my stomach???

Has anyone had this? I'm under Kings at the moment and I don't recall them mentioning this? What effects will this have on me post-op? Will I still be able to eat Haribo!!!

Any help or info guys much appreciated.

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Hi identity! Well this is a new one 🤔 unfortunately I can't help as not had a tx ( touch wood ) as yet and not on any list, I too would like to know more on this procedure, maybe next time you could mention it to your hepetologist your with at present... Oh and I'm sure you will be fine with the Haribo 😉

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Firstly I thought roux was a type of sauce 😂 and no more haribo, best send them all my way, I'll look after them for you 😘


Isn't roux the melted butter flour mix base of a sauce??? Maybe it's spelt differently.

Even if they bypass my stomach and 1 Haribo cherry fills me up I shall still be keeping them all to myself thank you very much. 🍒


You know your sauce sir!

I'm more of a crocodile kind of guy!


World famous my white cheese sauce I'll have you know.


A Roux loop is where they drop a loop of small bowel so they can attach the bile vessels directly into the bowel where the original bile duct is too short to attach from the donor liver as they normally would. This does not bypass the stomach.

This may make sense in PSC if the vessels are damaged.

I had my transplant at kings in October for NASH. My donor liver was 50% larger than my own so the vessels simply wouldn't fit & they had to do a loop on me.

The only effect this had on me was that I had to maintain a 'soft' diet for some time & be rather more careful during my initial recovery. It should have no other long term effects.

Hope this helps


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