My husband has portal hypertension and sclerosis due to a severe bout of H1N1 influenza. He had a TIPS procedure in December 2016 which resulted in congestive heart failure that has since resolved. He had transplant evaluation in February and been placed on the transplant list. My question is about the TIPS procedure. My husband is currently doing so much better since the TIPS, does anyone have experience with this procedure, and how long will this keep him feeling better? Thank you for any information.

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  • It's good that your husband has had a positive result from his TIPSS procedure, many other posters on here have suffered further from having the procedure - lots of folks report a sudden onset of serious hepatic encephalopathy symptoms or worsening of minor HE due to blood now being channelled quickly through the liver and left untreated of toxins, some folks have had strokes following TIPPS too.

    It is great that your husband has felt an improvement in his health due to his but as to how long this improvement might last, even a specialist would probably say "How long is a piece of string?" Like all things with the liver, everyone's journey and experience is unique and what works for one, doesn't for another and the impacts of various procedures vary from person to person. Rather than concern yourselves with potential timescales I would just try and enjoy every good day and make the most of the better period of health. Keep hubby exercising and as healthy as possible so that when the transplant call comes he is in the best shape possible to receive his gift.

    I know that when my hubby was in hospital for a liver biopsy there was a chap in having a TIPSS as a stop gap - he lived alone and didn't really fancy the transplant option so he was given TIPSS to help with his portal hypertension and regular massive ascites. Delaying his immediate need for transplant although that was still a potential option for him if it didn't work too well.

    Wishing you both all the very best, enjoy the good days, Katie x

  • Katie, Thank you so much for your reply and the helpful information. Best wishes for you and your hubby. We are so thankful for this bout of improvement and will continue to count our good days as blessings.

  • my mrs had a tips about 12 years ago and has worked well, it did stop the varices completely..

    but after 12 years or so she has developed hepatic encephalopathy recently

  • Thank you for the info, glad the Mrs. Had 12 years working well and sorry she has developed HE. Is she on the transplant list?

  • hi geo at the moment we are on the 6 month proving gap, I don't think she will get listed, as i don't think she will as she will be not strong enough

  • Hoping for the best for your Mrs, and strength for you. I know that what our loved ones are going through is very hard for them, but it is hard for us caregivers as well.

  • Good Morning Geodunson, I recently put together a presentation for people who suffer with alcohol-related liver disease and posted it up onto YouTube. Sadly I can't add a link to this page, but if you search on here, but if you search for "Alcohol-related Liver Disease TAEP" you'll find it. I have used a copy of an American presentation of the TIPPS procedure, if you once again search on YouTube for, "TIPSS, Transjugular Intrahepatic Porto-Systemic Shunt" you'll find it. Bare in mind that this an American video and the procedure my be slightly different over here. I've not yet had this verified. But it's interesting all the same.

  • Thank you for the reply, I will research that info. I hope you are well.

  • I viewed the YouTube video and that is great information. I am going to review it again. Thank you Richard64!

  • Hiya I had a tipps procedure done just over 3 years ago. For me it worked great for around a year but I then begun to suffer with H.E symptoms and ascites about 6 months after the H.E. I was grateful for the tipps procedure though as it saved my life at the time of having done due to my varices bleeding and me vomiting blood and ending up in a coma. I think it tends to be more risky for people who have had previous bleeds. I had my transplant 6 months ago :-) am sure your husband will have a better experience than I did.

  • Thank you! So happy to hear that you received your transplant and hope you are well jojokarak!

  • hi i had 2 tipps procedures and had to have a Transplant I had portal hypertension & cirrosis and terrible HE. Good luck 🍀 🌠

  • Sorry, I can't comment on TIPPS.

    Your comment about H1N1 is very interesting. I had very severe flu in 2003 which nobody else caught off me so I assumed it was Avian flu. Later I was diagnosed with Cryptogenic Cirrhosis and had the TX last year.

    Im wonderng now if the two were related, I know high WBC count can damage the Liver and of this will of course be high with Flu.

    I've seen little discussion or evidence online though.

    I hope your husband gets the TX soon, stay strong.

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