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Asking for some advice from all you lovely people. Lived with cirrhosis for 5 years it wss decompensated 6 years ago but has been stable for the last 6 , on usual medication, had gall bladder removed years ago and lived with chronic pancreas, thats in a nut shell, alway has my 6 months fibre scan and they has changed it mrcp , I was they would only change it for a more detailed scan if they saw changes . Ive an appointment in july , do you think this is still correct, I know I may be looking on the dark side, but a little bit worried.

On the brighter side I think we are going to have a lovely weekend weather wise, so enjoy my lovelies


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Hi, it is usual practice to have a regular scan, either ultrasound, MRI ( mrcp is an MRI looking at the pancreas and biliary area), or ct scan every 6 months if you have cirrhosis. This is to observe for signs of HCC ( liver cancer) which people with cirrhosis are at risk of developing. You should also have the blood test for afp levels, not diagnostic but an indicator that possible changes are occurring if the levels are elevated. A fibro scan is just to monitor liver stiffness, which can tell the DR's if cirrhosis is getting worse or where fibrosis is suspected and cause of problem identified and treated to see if things are improving. Not sure how reliable/sensitive the test is though. I've seen posts on here from people with alcohol related liver disease who have had high numbers on their fibro scan improve after quitting the alcohol and sticking to healthy diet etc. However it doesn't actually 'look' at the liver, so a regular scan/ ct or MRI is much better to give you peace of mind. Hope this makes sense, I'm a bit dopey today, half asleep!!


Thank you for your time and explanation, you have put mind mind at ease. Have a lovely weekend, I'm looking forward to a bit of sun .


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