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My poor hubby

I just wanted to ask some advice from ones who have suffered with liver cancer. My father in law rang us last night to inform us he has been diagnosed with a 2cm tumour they are talking about operating but he is 81 and I just hoping he can survive. Like the heading says I more worried about my husband having to look after me for all these years, having a few months break and now he has this to contend with, he did say at least he has an expert on side and I said who is that? Xx I would really appreciate any feedback if possible

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Hi jo , sorry to hear the news.

Well my dad had lung cancer and has his whole left lung removed and he was 78 yrs old. He was active anyway; he did have to go through tests most of them physical to make sure he was going to cope post op.

Have the Drs said he is fit enough to go through the op ? Maybe you should have a word with the consultants in private with your hubby too .I can understand you thinking that your husband has enough to deal with you but that's why he is is there , to look after you. He also has your support and obviously family members

It's a worry jo, and I know my dad had cancer elsewhere but it's still cancer.

I hope someone on here cab give you more advice than I can. Take it one day at a time and please make sure you take care of yourself xx


Thanks millie x. He supposed to be having tests soon to see if he fit enough, thing is he lives 3 hours away from us so we can't just pop round. I am good I can look after myself now, I am worried about effect it's going to have on my hubby as he already seeing a counsellor after what he been through looking after me. We are going to see him on Monday so hopefully I can get some more information then at least I can advise on what to do and not to do in the meantime x


It's no trouble jo , yes it's more physical tests that they have , also ecg and lung function.

Oh i see , so it's not like you can pop round is it.

Sorry to hear about your hubby , but I had to have counselling and therapy myself due to my own father. Thing is jo , it's all out of our power with things like this , all you can do is as much as you can. Speak to your hubby and make sure he doesn't bottle things up. Fingers crossed all will be fine 🤞. Hope you get more info Monday. Keep me posted hun xx


I have no advice I'm afraid other than articles I have read about removing the affected part quite easily in most cases.

I wouldn't worry about his age because they would not operate or finance the theatre staff if they weren't pretty sure about it.

Many people of that age are more active than people half their age so it's down to the patient and their lifestyle.

I will add him with your name on the healing circles

Rita xx


Thanks rita xxx

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Jo Jo,

You may find The British Liver Trust publication 'Liver cancer' useful to read, here is the link;

Wishing your father in law all the very best,


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So sorry to hear about your father-in-law, that must be so difficult for you both please let me know how you go on on Monday. Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx


Thanks lynne xx


Has PDT been considered? I dont know if the tumor can be treated this way, but its an out patient treatment so kinder on us older foljs!!! Give the laser centre at goolw hospital a call to see if they can trwat single liver tumors abdvif they can, arrange an appointment with prof maggissi, the charity will fund the treatment - its not an nhs treatment. Best of luck.

Ref your hubby, life can be crappy and it often is! He'll know that, but i doubt theres a person on the planet that hasnt thought, why me at some stage of their life. Does help other than knowing hes not alone. His dad will be fine, but pdt is def kinder than surgery xx


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