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AST Test

Hi I went for a blood test a few weeks ago due to severe itching at night and other issues and I got a call to go back to the doctors for a AST test, does that mean there could be something wrong with my liver? I have to wait 4 week for next test and have not been given much information on it, I am a bit of a worrier which I know I shouldn't but can't help it. Any information will be appreciated :)

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The AST (Aspartate Aminotransferase) test is one to look at potential liver issues and your doctor has probably ordered it due to your severe night time itching (and whatever your other issues are) as your doctor is obviously trying to establish whether or not these symptoms are liver related & this would be pretty routine - I don't have liver issues yet when I went to doctors about a recurrent lower abdominal pain, doctor looked at my notes and said "Oh, you've never had any blood tests, we'll run a full set including liver function etc."

The AST test is usually ordered in conjunction with a number of other blood tests to look at other enzymes and indicators and to try and pinpoint if there is a liver issue. Severe itching can be associated with raised levels of bilirubin and I would hope doctor is running a full set of LFT's to have a look at this ........ however, itching can also be down to heat, an allergic reaction to a new cosmetic, washing detergent etc. So, although you are obviously concerned don't try to jump too far ahead, wait and see what the tests reveal. Remember to ASK your doctor questions, this is your health and you have a right to know what he/she thinks is going on.

For more details about the AST test you could look at the following:-

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Thank you for your reply... it really does help alot 😊

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