Frivolous and shallow 😉

Hi everyone, I'm going to apologise in advance for being completely frivolous and shallow, I read some where that its not safe to use self tanning products?? Although I've had aih for 6 years, I developed overlap pbc and so have just been taking azatropine since December, I've been really good about using Sun block and covering up but I'm beginning to feel a bit pale especially in this glorious weather. Can anyone offer any advice ?? And again I apologise I know I have very little to worry about x


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  • This same topic was discussed on the AIH facebook page earlier this week with a good number of the members saying they used self-tanning, spray tan products due to the same reasons as you - having to avoid real sunlight due to the increased skin cancer risk with azathioprine. However, it was also pointed out that any chemicals you put onto your skin have still to be processed by your liver so make your decision informed.


  • Thanks for the reply Katie I thought I'd read somewhere that there could be a problem with the active ingredients in self tanning products.

  • It would be worth running by specialists for a definitive answer as all cosmetics and rubs put on the skin do still require processing by your liver.

  • Yes I will do, I see a gastroenterologist but she's usually very good about trying to research anything that we're not 100% about.

  • Have you tried Skinny Tan? No nasties, no chemicals only natural stuff xxx

  • No I hadn't even heard of skinny tan but I see lots of people have been raving about it on the internet, I'll definitely investigate, thanks for that x

  • i admit i don't fully understand the condition, but wasn't cold strong tea used as a paint on tan in the war for legs

  • Thanks for the reply, not sure about the tea but they were definitely inventive during the war years.

  • I don't know the answer, I just want to say that being positive and making changes to the way we look to make ourselves feel better is not shallow. It's positive for our mental health! So you go girl! (Just get the advice to stay safe - like you are 😊)

  • Aw thanks for understanding sometimes I just don't feel like I'm me anymore so I'm just trying to hang on to as much of me as I can, hope that makes sense x

  • No sign of 'hidden'. Thought she/he might have a few vitriolic remarks to make...maybe scouring the dictionary for spelling practice 😁

  • Hi Sammy 23

    I read your post with interest as I too have AIH/PBC overlap. Diagnosed in 2015 with PBC and then AIH in February this year. I also am on medication that makes me more prone to skin cancer and have been advised to wear suncream even on dull overcast days. This also means that I'm pale so I totally understand how you feel, so don't think your frivolous or shallow. I find these diseases steal enough from us that theres no shame in wanting to look and feel better.

    I realise that all we put on our skin is absorbed and processed by our livers so am cautious of what to use, as my lft's are still slightly raised.

    Someone recommended Dr Organic Moroccan Glow Self Tan to me as it's ingredients are natural but I haven't had time yet to research this.

    Im not on Facebook so I hope someone here can share a bit more information and advise on what's best to use. So thank you for your post.


  • Thanks I'll definitely research that product, this forum is great for gleaning information and thank you for taking time to reply. Sounds like we're in the same boat, regarding overlap and medication, it's fairly recent for you as well, I hope you're keeping well and being kind to yourself.

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