Hi people, best wishes as always.

Had my first appointment with consultant a year after diagnosis of "significant" fibrosis. All the questions I had were answered by the consultant and the good news is that if I lose a good bit of weight the chances are my liver will repair itself. I have to stay off alcohol too til my next scan in Jan 18 to help me lose weight. My liver is very fatty so i have to change my lifestyle. Feeling much more positive after this. Ive been given a chance. Please say a prayer to your Higher Power that i can do this.


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  • I certainly will Heisenberg. Great news. Its not always easy but there is always support here as you know. im wishing you well. love grace xoxo

  • That's positive news. I think there may be some people who are unaware how weight can mean you get a fatty liver. And even then lead to cirrhosis. I am currently overweight and it's got worse since I gave up smoking! I have very mild fatty liver and am incredibly lucky not to have cirrhosis actually for alcohol related reasons. But now my weight is becoming another issue. It's really annoying! It's like having one addiction after another or replacing one for another. It's really hard with food I find too cos we have to eat to live. Maybe food is at least the lesser of 2 or 3 evils! But I will keep trying to lose some or not gain more.

  • That's good news! Make sure you stick to your healthy eating and it's a good thing to keep off the booze or you could end up like me .

  • You can do it! I bet there are quite a few folks in this forum that would pay money to trade with you! Myself included! Great news!

  • Thanks so much.

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