At what point would you go to the hospital?

I'm really at lost and don't want to waste people's time. But the consultant said if I feel like I'm having an episode then I need to get checked out with bloods asap.

So in that case I'm assuming hospital as it takes 2 weeks to get a gp/nurse appt.

but I'm really struggling to work out at which point? My episode are very much like viral/flu symptoms.

So do I go when I'm feeling like crap and want to sleep (which is quite often)

Or do I wait for the night sweats, shakes and the worse migraines ever. (At which point I can't move and wouldn't go anyway)

As I'm still not sure what's going on I'm really not sure what to do.


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  • i would phone 111, thats the NHS out of hours service if my pain was unbearable. certainly.

  • As Grace just said , best to ring 111 bit if I was in pain and not feeling right I always go with my gut instinct, you have nothing to loose apart from sitting and worrying.. hope thid helps xxx Linda

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