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Can anyone offer advice please

I had 35% of my liver removed and my gallbladder back in may. Due to large liver cysts. The aftercare (of u can call it that) in the hospital and at home was horrific.

-at my 2 month check up I was told that eventually they will come back but it would be unavoidable. And when the time comes they'd discuss the next course of action possibly more surgery or worst case scenario a transplant. Besides looking almost 6 months pregnant, which does incredibly get me down ( I was told swelling could last up to a year ) things have been generally a lot better.

However this past weekend the whole right side has been painful. Has anyone had any experience with liver cysts?

Would they grow back this quickly?

Should it be painful?

Any advice would be so appreciated

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  • It always take far longer to heal than we are told. I would expect to have now and then some pain and discomfort from such a surgery. I am confident what we eat affects the body and can bring on many things. I have a hard time getting food right. When I eat carefully I experience no or far less discomfort. Eating seems to affecy my health more than anything else. I hope you feel better, sounds like you have gotten thru a ugh time.

  • Thank you for replying

    Do you follow a specific diet

    I read to cut down on diary which is hard. I like cereal and tea. I Also read to avoid soya milk.

    Any tips would be so helpful

  • Hi there. I am surprised (well not actually) that you haven,t been referred to a dietician as a matter of course. I,m afraid that unless you ask for these things they don,t think of it. If you ring your doctor you should get a referral. Also on futurelearn.com there is a course starting at the end of the month Food as medicine, which may be worth a look. It,s free, you can do it in your own time ie take longer if need be, don,t know what It,ll be like but their courses are usually quite good, about 3hrs weekly. Kindest regards anne

  • Hello

    Should I ask to see a dietician then perhaps?

    Do I go to my dr and ask?

    I will look at the website this morning as soon as the kids are at school.

    Thank you for taking the time to offer advice. It's been a very tough few months and doctors are very vague about everything.

  • Any proper liver specialist will tell you the liver thrives on dairy our livers absorb more calories than the rest of our body y do you think we het so much muscle wastage because our liver is chomping at us night x day o get up in the night and drink milk a full pint and it has stopped my muscle wastage hop that helps you dont believe everything you read if we all done that we would have our brains thinking we got every disease going hun hope u feel better soon

  • So should I be eating more diary.

    Everything is so confusing

  • I now eat only foods that are easily digested. I do not have a lot of choice but that's ok most of all I just want for food to move easily thru my system. I eat no salt if I do it's 400 to 700 mg a day, I limit fluid to 6 cups. I want 12! I most eat organic food. I eat no diary other than organic yogurt. I eat no meat other than a bit of organic chicken now and then. I eat no nuts. I eat organic brown rice with veggies, lots of fresh squeezed juice, organic eggs but not many, I still have a little plain black coffee, I like oatmeal. That's about it. Olive oil and toast both organic. My body is not stressed out if I eat correctly so I eat correctly. It's hard to keep up with, very but I want to feel better so I try. Good luck

  • Hi there.

    My husband suffers from a condition called polycystic liver disease. He has many cysts on liver which will increase with age. His disease develops generally in adulthood as he has the adult form but it's genetic generally.

    Anyway has the doctors told you what kind of cysts they are and why they will return?

    The polycystic disease affects many organs, the kidneys are another main organ they like to form on too.

    Your description of having an enlarged tummy sounds very similar to those with the polycystic condition as it not only forms cysts but enlarges the organs.


  • Hi Melodymermaid888,

    It is important that you are properly referred to a hospital dietician who can have full access to your medical history and correctly advise you regarding diet.

    Your GP or liver specialist can refer you. In addition, The British Liver Trust do have information on cystic diseases that you can download from the website that you may find useful.

    If you do have specific questions regarding your health and liver then it would be appropriate to direct them to your liver specialist or GP,

    Very best wishes,


  • First line of action if you have pain is see your GP. Check your temperature if you can at home as you could have an infection. If no joy there then ask to be seen by the liver specialist again. Maybe take someone with you and a list of what you need to know and what your problems are. If the consultant isn't helpful maybe the person with you can be more forceful to get some answers. I am sorry I don't know anything about your illness but that is the way I would go if it is me. Hope that helps.

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