I'm going in the right direction

Hi everyone. Just wanted to share my happiness. I weighed in today and I m down to 10 stone 4lbs. Just over 65 kilos. I still have a way to go and it is taking me months to do it but I started at 11 stone 6 so it is going in the right direction. It is frightening to think when I was full term pregnant I didn't weigh this much. When the kids were young I weighed between 7 1/2 and 8 stone. It shows how good running around after children is for your weight. I could also eat anything I liked and not put on weight. Probably how I developed my poor eating habits.

Still no point thinking about the past. I am really pleased as I'm not able to do a lot of exercise but I'm being careful about what I eat and portions.


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  • Well done G, that's the weight I was in hospital Im probably a stone more now thanks to my ferocious steroid binges and love of all things Lindt! So hats off to you xxx

  • Keeping two days for naughties helps. Had mine yesterday instead of today. It was a couple of Indian sweets. Full of fat and sugar. Yummy. I'm only 5 ft 1 1/2 so every little shows. Had my time on steroids to help my sinuses years ago it was horrible. Face went huge and created other problems. I felt very un-feminine. Didn't help the sinuses either. It made me very anti steroids. I really don't envy you with those.

    Lindt, I'll fight you for. Everyone needs a friend to help you out of a difficult spot. I will just have to eat them for you. To save you from temptation.


  • Hahaha! Yes steroids my goodness, I would eat then 10 minutes later eat again, especially wraps, can't stand them now. I'm 5ft 4, I was about 10 stone when I left school in 1984! I lost a lot of weight before the steroids, sounds like you had moonface or I think it's something like that, I felt awful on them but they kick started my liver continuing to heal so I can't grumble eh..I don't quite understand how my last ultrasound was 'normal' given the large intake of Lindt and cake but I can only guess that as the cause was alcohol and that was and is removed that's why.. does t make a lot of sense in terms of the volume of sugar in all those things but they made me eat everything and anything in hospital, one nurse even got me a toastie from the restaurant bless her.. glad you enjoyed your sweets :) xx

  • Hospital food doesn't encourage low carb diets.

    Funny you should say about the us. Mine showed fatty liver but no cirrhosis, yet my fibroscan showed cirrhosis.

    It is great news that your liver looked good. Mine was nafld. So it almost certainly wasn't helped by cream cakes and other sweet delights like lindt and doughnuts and custard slices.

    Better stop, I gotta be good today. The one good thing is being able to eat fruit to be good. It helps with meeting my sweet tooth a little. I've also looked at ways to make naughty puddings safer. E.g. a crumble with less sugar and mainly oats and keeping portions down.


  • I won't mention naughty foods again! My fibroscan was 5.3 but haven't seen the consultant yet, I can't actually remember when I'm seeing him I'll have to ring the hospital as they changed the date so many times!

    Ho hum 🙄 xx

  • Don't give them an excuse to take you off their list. I had them changing my appointments and they tried to say I'd missed one. Fortunately I had my letter and told them they were wrong. Told my gp's receptionist and she said don't worry about it, it's always happening.

    I hope you are feeling well.


  • Not too bad ta, I'll ring the hossie x

  • Like it,,,,I have deranged cirrhosis,I laughed when consultant told me,,I am 5ft 0.and everything shows.I look like a blimp.!..caught myself in the mirror other day dancing as I was cleaning,comparable to a space hopper.!,used to bother me.was ashamed of the way I looked..but hey,my problem is medical,anyone sees fit to comment it's them with the problem...docs seem to be dragging their feet,seems they're waiting for me to turn yellow.they don't check me,pretty much left alone from one app to another.now I've reached a point when I won't deprive myself ,not a drinker though never liked the taste.so well done choc o holics am with you every step of the way.God bless all of you..

  • What do they mean by deranged? Are they saying you are having some strange readings that don't make sense? If so that just sounds like my life in all aspects of it..

    I like Belgian chocolate as well as Swiss. I found a chocolate years ago in Wales not sure if they are there now but he was good as well.

    Mind you I'm still a lover of picnics, bounty, stickers, fruit and nut... ok chocolate.


  • Haha I can remember them using the word deranged when my partner had an inflamed gallbladder, they were referring to his lfts from what I remember.

    One minute he was coming out then nope staying in... his eyes were a tad yellow..

    I like the word deranged but as my daughters only 10'i just get called 'weird'...🙄 xx

  • Now weird I get. I get thought of as weird all the time.



  • Good luck let us know how you get on. I'm back to see the consultant in February.


  • Will do G :) and thank you x

  • Sorry gx

  • 😀 gx

  • Well done you

    How are you doing it

    I'm trying and failing and would love some help

  • Hi

    It isn't easy. It takes ages. Basically I had to do the following.

    1. Check out the NHS website for bmi, what is a portion of fruit and vegetables and nuts and meat. Checking what is a healthy calorie count for my usage and be very honest that I'm not energetic. Also checking about nutritional value on NHS e.g. looking at different vegetable and fruits to get the different mixes.

    2. Checking what things are healthy and what needs to be careful. I had to be honest I don't do a lot of exercise so I don't need food that is high in carbs as well as fruit or carrots etcetera which also have sugar. Therefore a better cereal is oats e.g. porridge for breakfast rather than toast. It is slower to be digested. It makes me feel fuller for longer than toast. I also had to learn not to add sugar to it. I also have a bit of a lactose intolerance so I learnt to use soya milk. Unsweetened when I'm having porridge on my own. Sweetened with hubby. I then make sure I add fruit to the unsweetened. I use a mix of various frozen fruit which I measure. Some black cherries, some pineapple, some raspberries etcetera. If I use tinned fruit I don't use the juice. I don't use syrup soaked fruit.

    3.Vegetables are the same as fruit root vegetables have a lot of sugar in them so I have a mix of vegetables. Raw carrots, cutting down on potatoes and pasta helps. We need starch and carbs but being realistic about the quantity that is in a position was essential.

    4. I watch the shop bought sauces. Sugar and salt and lots of other things are often found in them. I use chopped tomatoes and passatta for a lot of my Bolognese sauces and add loads of veg so I cut down on meat.

    5. Drinking boiled water as well as cups of tea or peppermint tea means I cut down on the calories. I rarely drink. Carbonated beverages. I tend to eat the fruit rather than drink fruit juices. Fruit where you can eat the skin gives more roughage.

    6. Having smaller portions and using smaller dishes so it gives an optical illusion helped with the smaller dishes.

    7. Not getting too hungry. Eating several small meals throughout the day.

    8. Not going to bed hungry. A small bowl of Porridge and fruit at night means I stay full longer.

    9. Making sure any meds that need to be taken with food are timed with my meals.

    10. If I need a biscuit in the night for extra meds then I make sure I only take 2 rich tea. I before and 1after the meds. Codeine never take it on a stomach that feels hungry. Reason it makes me crave food and it is usually the high sweet carbs.

    11. Vary my calorie intake a bit so the body doesn't get used to the same level you are eating. This is one of the reasons I have two treat days a week. Overall my food intake is down just at the level that meets my ability to lose weight. I don't go on stupid one week high reduction diets they don't work I put on more weight with them.

    12.. the other reason for the treating myself is that if I ref

  • Thank you so much

    Iv copied your reply to my notes and will look into it further

    Thank you

  • I hope it helps. Good luck. Just remember it can take time to find the right balance for you. Don't get disheartened. It took me a while. it has to work for your body's needs.

    All the best and let me know how it is going. We can all share tips from each other.


  • . Sorry caught the button.

    12. If I refuse myself I just create cravings. Getting sweet tastes, fat, and similar tastes out of my mouth is hard work. Saying I'm going to have something special in a couple of days I can work with.

    13. Higher fruit and vegetables has helped in other ways making sure I'm getting rid of waste. Sorry but it is true.

    14. Trying to make it interesting and as enjoyable as possible is essential. Praising myself for being able to pass the cake stand in the shop and saying you can go on.. helps.

    15. Keeping it as healthy as possible. I found doing the research interesting and using the scales to see that actually a portion of raspberries without sugar, cream or syrup are 80 grams and look a lot. Mixed with 80 grams back cherries and the tardiness is easier to bear and that's 2 of your 5 a day. I tend to go for 7 or 8 now of different fruit and vegetables to cover my intake. Don't worry it took me a while to do this.

    16. When I didn't lose weight and some weeks I don't look at why. But don't give up.

    17. Get your family on board. Mine found my portion control hard to start with. I also stopped looking at their portions as they made me envious.

    18. Remember drinks often have a lot of hidden calories.

    19.. Do what exercise you can.

    20. Try and get a regular sleep pattern. Rest as well as exercise is important.

    Sorry I wrote a lot. Best of luck it is hard but we can all support each other.


  • Many congratulations to you, you've done so well xxxx

  • Thank you. 😀

  • You are welcome xxxx

  • That's amazing you do all that G well done, I must go and get that sugar substitute from holland and Barrett someone mentioned.. that's my health bucket list... sigh xx

  • We tend to use splenda because it is made from sugar. Apparently you have to be careful with some sugar substitutes because of the way they work or don't with liver. I don't know much about this.

    When we make naughty things we use a combination of splenda and sugar but reduce the sugar as much as possible. But just sweetener of any kind are just .......... as far as I'm concerned.

    Mind you if I could have stopped my sweet tooth when I was a child and young woman, this old woman wouldn't be in the liver mess she's in now.

    Good luck with being good with the substitute. If it's any good let me know and I'll give it a look at. If it's vile let me know so I can be grateful I missed that bullet, and thank you for taking one for the team.


  • Hahaha ok I can't even remember the name but it's plant based.. I'll keep you posted once I get it.. xx

  • Good luck


  • I found some called Truvia in Tesco which contains the plant someone mentioned.. £5 a jar! Pick up later. Xx

  • Ok let me know how you get on with it. Does it taste like something trick or treaters would use? And if so receiving a treat or delivering a trick.


  • Haha will do at least it'll replace my 2 sugars in tea and coffee and it's natural, I avoid aspartame and 'diet' drinks.. for my daughter too! I accidentally ordered a coffee and walnut cake in my online basket, they just seem to leap in there... pesky cakes 😷 xx

  • 😀

  • Thank you x

  • That's amazing - well done x

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