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Ascites query

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My husband is now 7 months diagnosed NASH De Compensating Cirrhosis of the Liver. He also had Ascites which needs draining every 2 weeks. The amount of fluid being drained is increasing all the time. Starting at 8 litres and just this week 13 litres. Is this usual for the fluid amount to increase each time?

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Hi alesan , sorry to hear about your husband. I have had cirrhosis 9 yrs. I have also had ascites 4 times. The first three times I was drained in a total of 6 weeks .I can't remember off the top of my head how much but it was quite a lot. On the 4th time the water tablets managed to get rid of all the fluid. Obviously your husbands liver is now struggling, I am not a dr so I can't really say .I am end stage compensated so far my liver is working ok .please ask the consultant or maybe someone else On this forum can answer more than myself. Best wishes

Hi alesan this is how I got this time last year I was in weekly getting drained and it fluctuates the amount that is drained, it is a serious sign that the liver is giving up especially if he being drained fortnightly. Does his liver consultant know what's going on? Don't panic though over this though please I had my transplant in October and if they feel it is serious he will be moved on and up transplant list.

My husband was drained monthly over a period of 6 monthly - the amounts varied - The ascites was not responsive to medication and he had a tips process to by pass the damaged area. It is worrying and horrible - suggest you ask his surgeon about Tips

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Already been told it's not an option sadly

I was drained six litres a week for seven months,then out of my local hospital and transfered to royal free in hamstead where i had tips inserted into my mire ascites now but very damaged liver.havnt drank for over three years.sounds to me that he needs urgent attention.wish you all the best.

hi sorry to hear that it can be the way it goes mum started every so often then drains got more often she ended up having a drain every week the ammounts seemed to fluctuate but most of the time was around 10 or 11 litres my thoughts are with you it is hard I hope your husband gets a transplant

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Thank you for your reply. We have already been told hes not a transplant candidate. Your right it is hard to watch the people you love suffer.

I thought I'd read something somewhere, there is a story on the BLT's "My Story" that may be of help to you. Please have a look at Michael Beckett’s story. He is the first person to use the Alphpump. "The alfapump, produced by Sequana Medical, is a small 7 x 4cm-long subcutaneous (under the skin) device. Smaller than an iPod, it works by pumping fluid from the abdomen into the bladder, where it is removed from the body naturally through urination. Patients use a special device to recharge the battery, which needs to be run for about 15 minutes daily and the pump is switched off at night.

The alfapump removes around 10-15ml of fluid from the abdomen every 15 minutes and can remove up to 4 litres of fluid every day if needed".

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mum had the alpha pump fitted it sounds amazing hers for some reason didn't work they went in to repair or remove it sadly she didn't make it after the surgery it has been amazing for most people but check and check again that the person is fit enough for the surgery before going for it hopefully it works out well for others I do know of a gent that has had this with amazing results so its the luck of the draw I think

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I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother, I hope this won't put people off, and I agree with 100% that a persons fitness to undergo the procedure is so important. Thank you for sharing nanny.

thank you yes I do agree no one should be put off the procedure as I said it can make such a difference to a persons quality of life its a really clever idea and hopefully lots of people will benefit from it

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