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Hi all, just a little advice wanted as my better half's grandma is in hospital. Shes 70 and has type 2 diabetes, not very well controlled, she's a bit naughty with her diet/meds and looking after herself. Anyway her tummy has always been quite big but lately has got bigger, been to gp and they've sent her to hospital, ct scan, xray later and she's got fluid in her tummy. As far as we were all aware she just had an enlarged fatty liver. Is fluid in the tummy always a sign of cirhossis or can nash or very fatty liver cause it? Is it always end stage? Also theyve taken a sample of said fluid, anybody any idea what they're looking for? Infection maybe? Cancer? you all know I'm a bugger for googling but I'd rather ask you lot in this instance as a lot of you have no doubt been here. Drs have not been forthcoming as yet, she's not jaundiced but is not herself and has mild temperature. Thanks in advance. Xxx

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I hope for the best but unfortunately I don’t know anything about what you are asking. I will be following to hear how it goes.

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Hope your Grandma goes on ok. I had a blood test end of last week, drs phoned me as they think I've got diabetes so I've got to have another blood test in a month. I'm just trying to eat sensibly and reading what I can and can't have. It also says Nash !which I have) and diabetes are linked. Please take care . Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Hi Lynne, thankyou I'm sure she'll be ok once we get her sorted. I hope it's not diabetes but yes they are unfortunately linked. Xxxx

Thanks Ginny much appreciated. Xxx


Would be a good idea for you to have a little more information from her doctors. they will be able to tell you exactly what the problem is and how you can properly support her.

The British Liver Trust website has lots of information, all of which comes from trustworthy sources, the internet can be a mistake if you are looking for ways to understand and help her in this illness.

The sample would probably be a routine examination checking for infection and I'm sure they would have said by now if they found anything to worry about.

I hope you get some answers soon and she gets the treatment and care she needs.

Below is the link to the website and information on 'fatty liver disease.'


Hi jim, im always pointing people to these links n I should have had another look myself! It would seem after reading it again her fatty liver has progressed then ☹ thanks for reply and well wishes. Xxxx

Hi all, just a little update on grandma. It is cirhossis. I never thought I'd wish for that but it seems better than the alternative which I was fearing was some kind of cancer. She has been up and had a good wash by herself today, she's not jaundiced so we're taking comfort from that. They're trying her on some sort of water tablet and if that doesn't work they will drain her, ive every confidence it can be managed although she does have a few co-morbidities. Scary... especially to me with my own liver problems how quick it's progressed from fatty liver to full blown cirhossis... Thankyou all for good wishes and advice. Xxxx

Diabetes and liver problems, both can be manifestations of Haemochromatosis. Has she been tested for this? If not she should be.

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Hi hdon, no she's no haemochromatosis her blood iron has been looked at. Thanks. Xxxx

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