British Cycling chief Justin Grace makes emotional organ donor appeal after liver transplant saved his life

Fantastic interview, echo's everything I think about transplant. I found this very emotional and inspiring. I'm also a huge cycling fan so this is very significant to me as well.

And if you're interested in cycling with me or sponsoring me:

Big thanks to Mops67 and Dorset123 already :)

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  • Sounds brilliant - but wouldn't fancy the chances of the other competitors !

  • Hi rodeojoe, I find you inspiring also, thanks for my first ever shout out , made my day 😊 👍🏻

  • Met Justin at his first appointment after transplant I didn't know who he was but we been chatting ever since he a lovely man :-) glad he can speak out and hopefully make a difference in raising awareness for donations

  • You lucky lady, the guy is a ledge. I'm cycle bonkers, he's part of what our cycle team did at Rio. Tell him to get on here!

  • He on twitter think that's the only social media he uses I message him on there. :-) if you use let me know I will give you his twitter name x

  • I found him, thanks

  • It was a great interview. Inspiring guy. Kings have told me not to get on a push bike yet? Do you think Justin would appreciate being call a push bike coach??

    Good luck with the fundraising.

  • When was your transplant? I did a 25 mile charity bike ride 4 months after transplant. I never thought to ask.

  • Also thanks to Gaynor lowson, not sure what your username is on here.

  • Transplant Op was 21 Oct 2016, but I needed 2 further ops so got out 14 Nov.

    Feeling more human now & walking 2-3 miles a day but scar still let's me know it's there!!

    Kings told me no cycling, but Al Shamma thinks it would be OK now( although I've got to promise to not fall off!!)

    Great guy on anglers afloat is Mark(Snapper) if he is still on it. Nice guy & really knows his kayak fishing stuff.

  • Yes Al Shamma, I think he's left now. I have fixed feelings about him, as he almost wrote me off and didn't put me forward for transplant assessment. It took a meeting with him with my family to convince him otherwise. He thought I was too far gone and wrote me off at first, he was also convinced my cirrhosis was caused by alcohol and that I was still drinking. After transplant when I went back to see him he actually said that if he was a betting man he'd have put all his money on me not surviving!!!

  • And yes, some of us need more time to recover, I got really really lucky. And I'm relatively young (42 at the time) to have liver disease so I think that "helps"

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