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Hepatic encephalopathy with Liver Disease


The doctor has referred me to a Neurologist (appointment Early May) based upon symptoms I am having, and some incoherent blood results that contradict each other, and wants to rule it out or in. I already been diagnosed with Perhiperal Nueropathy, which I think is a related condition/factor. I have Spider Naevus conditiona and extended veins in the limbs and many of the more generalised symptoms too.

Does anyone have this condition, I have done the research on line and the sysptoms do sound familiar but are similar to general ALD symptoms as well, but do have so e of the more specific ones.

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Whilst here - does anyone else have incompatible CRP/ESR results that contradict each other. Recent results- CRP - 3 which is normal and ESR 56 which is well out of range of 10. I know ESR is a lag indicator with CRP being more reliable.


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Don't know much about HE, Andy, not having it myself. The only people I know with hepatic encephalopathy are treated with either lactulose or rifaximin an antibiotic to clear the toxins that cross into the brain.

Is the peripheral neuropathy not associated with long term consumption of alcohol rather than a side effect of decompensated cirrhosis per se?

Spider naevi are common in liver disease and more common patients with alcoholic liver disease than other causes.

I rarely have ESR or CRP taken now, they are too vague. My ESR is permanently raised as with active hepatitis I always have some inflammation somewhere, which is what ESR picks up - both acute and chronic inflammation.

CRP is an inflammatory marker too, it can be slightly more useful when combined with other tests in picking up autoimmune conditions such as those from the arthritis family, not sure what else its used for.

thanks Bolly, a star. Got most of this from the Internet getting a dab hand at he research side now., But great to hear from people that have it so we can filter out the internet hype and inaccuracies.

peripheral Neuropathy - was very closely diagnosed at the same time as ALD, we could debate which one caused it first, Alcohol or the LD disease, vice a versa. It's has got better since LD is being controlled and no alcohol. But still there and varies from day to day on severity and how it shows up.

As for HE again seems to be in the mixed bucket of conditions, sub conditions and effects of one or other together. I already take Lactulose which is not the mostleasant as need constantly need to be close to nearest toilet as when it works by god does it work.

Thanks again. Back to my roast chicken dinner, skin and all.

I have lactalose and refaximin prescribed for encephapethy.

Thanks millymo

Already on lactolose, interesting one is for constipation the other is for diarrhoea. Am I right?

Hi yes lactolose is a laxative, I take even though Im not constipated, it is given to make sure the bowels are open daily as if you dont go regular the toxins can cause problems in other areas, like confusion and the other is for diarrheoea even though diarrhoea, Im prescribed it to avoid getting confused which did happen to me once and I was told these medicines are to help with the encapathy. I hope this has helped you a little.

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