Dexa scan?

Hello all. Just seen my consultant who told me endoscopy was completely normal. He didn't give me my last blood results but I saw some red markers on the screen so said"oh we're some of my bloods bad" his reply was that was just the labs saying they were out of range but they weren't bad as they didn't take account of menopause etc.. He then pulled up my biopsy results and mumbled to himself quite a bit. He's now said I need a Dexa scan. Then the fire alarm went off and we were all evacuated. What is a Dexa scan?

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  • Hi jellybabe70, a dexa scan is a bone density scan, it checks for signs of osteoporosis , I think when you have liver disease you are routinely checked for this, it is pain free so don't worry 💜

  • hi jelly a dexa scan is a low power x-ray completely painless and is for bone density.

    you mentioned the menopause with liver stuff it can leach out the calcium in bones.

    its just another thing to take a pill for and maintain

  • Some of my blood results are routinely out of the range, but they have been for years. The dexa scan as mentioned checks for bone density. You lie on a bed and they pass the scanner over you and it is very quick. The feedback will tell them if your bone density has been affected and if so where and to what extent. It is completely pain free. :)

  • Oh thank you everyone! It was a different consultant and lovely so really bad luck with the fire alarm. He also told me that they had no idea of the cause of my cirrhosis! And the original Dr hadn't recorded that I have had severe anorexia since my husband died and was surviving on half a sandwich a week for more than 6 months. Hence the bone scan I suspect. So thank you you reassured me.

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