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Feeling a bit foolish

Hi all, it's been a while since I posted on my condition. Had some bloods done recently whilst being checked for a respiratory issue which turned out to be whooping cough. I don't recommend you get that at the age of 61 but anyway that's on the mend slowly after 10 weeks. However the bloods showed very high ggt and slightly elevated alt. I knew I had high ggt as I have fatty liver but the alt alarmed me as all my liver tests had always been normal other than ggt. The cholesterol was also high at 7 which was my gps initial concern at first. It has been higher in the past. Having been on this site long enough to realise that I've been remiss in not being serious enough about treating the fatty liver. Having a U/s on Friday and I think I can predict the results sadly. Since seeing the ggt scores stopped drinking completely hadn't been drinking much anyway so that was other a month ago. Symptoms currently are stools on the pale side. No liver pain as such but liver feels inflamed across the back which comes and goes. For the rest don't feel too bad in fact felt worse when I first posted on this site a few years back. If it wasn't for this site I think I would be in a dark place but strangely calm. I'm hoping I can get the inflammation down and hope not too much damage done despite the very high ggt. I know we shouldn't post but it's 10 times what it should be so a bit of a worry. Will keep you posted.

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Im sorry to hear this.

Ill be thinking of you on Friday.

Liz x

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Thanks Lizzie most kind actually overnight came to the conclusion that some of the back pain could be related to gallstones as I excreted what appeared to be an amount of them-excuse the detail and since have been feeling quite a bit bit better. I seem to recollect this happening previously so maybe the inflammation is dropping so the bile ducts are working better but am just guessing- will see the scan shows.



Im thinking of you today and really hope everything goes well.

Youve always been so supportive and helpful to everyone here

Good luck


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Thanks Lizzie scan done the sonography said nothing significant.....hmm we will see. Seeing the doc in a few weeks nothing urgent am relaxed at present meanwhile it's the hair shirt diet for me. Ha 😊


Hello Briccolone

Phew. Im glad things went well and Im glad you did not have to wait for your results.

My new favourite drinks are bottled water and tonic water although my daughter calls it "ear wax water"!

I hope you have a relaxing weekend and please let us know what the doctor says.

Take care

Liz xx


Hi Lizzie thought I'd update you as you were kind enough to ask! Doctor rang today and informed me my U/s was nothing too nasty however clear fatty liver. This much I knew already. His main concern seems to be the cholesterol level which is 7. I'm more concerned with the ggt levels myself both being high being a known risk factor for stroke or cardiac issues so he's considering statins which I'm not against although they could raise my ggt levels even higher. My gut feeling is that I have some damage to the biliary system but all in all I'm ok. Going to work hard to get the inflammation on the liver down if I can and get the digestive system back in order. Hope all well with you best k

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Thank you for the update.

I'm glad things are good.

Why does your doctor think your GGT is not coming down?



He didn't discuss-he wants further blood tests in Feb which is fine. I think its low level hepatitis due to years of too much vino. i.e. chronic hepatitis -side effects are pale stools and occasional burning sensation across back left side. I'm a bit reassured by the u/s I'm surprised nothing picked up on the gall bladder but I dont get any pain as such so maybe it is clear. I have a feeling that the bile ducts are not draining properly due to the liver inflammation. High GGT is often a sign of biliary issues. I was a bit alarmed as the levels I have indicate possible cirrhosis. It could take many months to normalise. Things are improving though-I'm avoiding alcohol which I'm not finding difficult. I'm hoping to see the ALT levels which are midly elevated drop. I tell you something strange-I first thought there was an issue back in January because I was in a car and the windscreen wash was used and I felt a bit queasy (Alcohol in the spray) and also when wine is used in cooking. I've noticed this before and it recovered but indicated liver damage to me.

How are you?


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