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Hubby has ESL4 and this week finally, finally admitted he has a drinking problem. We went to the GP who has referred him to a counselling group who can then recommend medication to reduce cravings and complete a community detox. (Apparently GPs are not permitted to prescribe without the counselling in place). It took a lot for him to go to the GP and we are waiting on an appointment for the counselling - however - he is trying to cut down in the interim - going cold turkey can cause fits apparently so is not recommended. Does anyone have any strategies which could help in terms of cutting back day by day? Thanks for any advice....

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  • Hi Fizzix50,

    I have read your earlier posts and it is great that your husband has finally decided that he has a drink problem and that he is trying to give up. If he has, which I believe is the case, been drinking heavily for a long time, you are right in saying that stopping abruptly could cause seizures and that a detox programme is a safer way to proceed. He could try cutting back one drink per day, but I know from past experience that once alcohol in inside a person who is dependent on drink, it is very hard to stop. If he does try to cut down but is unable to do so, I would try not to get too distressed about it. He could also try to start drinking at a later time, which may be a better option.

    Best wishes to you both


    PS I thought your post on how you had decided to accept your husband's drinking was inspirational and he is very lucky to have you to support him.

  • I am so pleased to read this hun.

    Not sure what he drinks but you coukd try lower alcohol drinks or reducing the number of drinks and replacing the missed one with a drink you/he would like him to drink instead.

    Best of luck xoxo

  • He has cut down from three bottles of wine a day to just one - still too much I know but it has to help a little, surely. Even if he can only get down to half a bottle a day it will buy more time for us together. I don't underestimate the power of alcohol, and I know not everyone can achieve zero even with the best of intentions. For now he is at least making an effort, and I am grateful for that. xx

  • He's doing fantastically well 😘😘😘

    A couple of links that may help him reduce the akcohol volume further


    Im made up for you both xxx

  • Hi I am glad to hear he admitted he has a problem and wants to stop. That is HUGE. As far as stopping, it is very dangerous quitting cold turkey. I don't know how it is in the U.K. But I am on the U.S. and before my dad went to the hospital for health problems and they were able to detox him there. Can they do that there? I hope. Best wishes and keep us updated.

  • They can detox in hospital but it is difficult to get into that unless you are admitted through A&E. Community detox is available but you need referral from an alcohol service to achieve that. I understand why, but he is not keen to go for counselling yet - however, I do think he has at least admitted he has a problem is a step in the right direction. He has cut down massively on how much he is drinking, and is being really honest with me about his drinking which is at least a start - he hasn't been prepared to even talk about it before. At least we are communicating on some level. I am at least grateful for this - he is letting me in on one level.

  • Not sure if you have seen it but there is a thing called hams. It's a website support group that helps with tapering. I personally found phone counselling better than group. Wishing you lots of luckxxx

  • Two weeks in and though still drinking has cut down massively. Am not criticising in any way - this has to be his choice - but I can see he is at least making an effort. Is taking his meds properly and is eating well. We have a consultant appointment in mid May and bloods taken end of April - hoping by the end of April he will have found the courage to have given up completely. Even if he maintains at this level it will surely buy more time? Is doing more and not sleeping in the day now.... all good signs?

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