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So tired

Have been absolutely exhausted this past week. Am pretty fatigued most of the time anyway often requiring daily naps but this last week seems to have gone into overdrive.

It's such an unfair symptom too. You really need understanding friends and family when your excuse for letting them down is you're tired. Thankfully I have.

It doesn't matter how many naps you take or how many hours sleep you get at night you feel equally as tired as you did before.

It's an odd feeling too. Almost similar to that of having that extra tipple and your body starts to feel numb. My tinnitus gets that much louder and you struggle to concentrate on anything.

I nipped to the shops earlier, four items I needed. Could I remember what the forth item was? Could I heck. Wandering up and down the aisles trying to jog my memory.


I'm off for a nap now. 😴

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Poor you I know exactly how you feel. Tried explaining the tiredness to family but I don't think they got it. It's not so much a tired feeling as such it's a drained ,life sucked from your soul feeling lol. I hope you get your transplant you will feel so much better. Good luck x


That's been hubbies main symptoms from day one but since the start of this year he's felt even more exhauted than normal and last two weeks he's felt really grotty and his tinnitus is also worse just now. We are going to the GP tomorrow to see if there is an underlying bug going on or whatever - he has a non-viable spleen so immune system is all to pot.

He was at Edinburgh at start of month, never heard anything about liver bloods so they obviously showed nothing new then.

The fatigue is the most debilitating and down heartening condition. Like you his cognitive function is affected by being so shattered.



Me too! Its out of character for me and quite frustrating! I plan my day around limited energy and seem to get very little done! Brain is like fog and my body feels tired, even after a nap. Walking the dog is good, love being out and about. Wonder if the HepC meds I'm due to start in March will sort me out! Fingers crossed. In the meantime happy napping!☺


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