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What do people think?

This is probably really dangerous question to ask but I'm going out of my mind!

I've recently had another another hospital stay with high alts.

My symptoms that go with are probably the norm. Flu like symptoms ache all over, migraines, hot and cold sweats. Feeling awful.

I have urticaria all the time but when I have these episodes it's really bad

These last for 2 weeks in general. Last one I finally had a mrcp (I think that's what is called)

Turns out my bile ducts are dilated. That is what I'm left with now I have to wait for an outpatient appt. which could take weeks. With no clue what that actually means??

Am I worrying over nothing. I'm sure the worrying is making me feel worse.

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Sounds a bit like bacterial cholangitis, get your doctor to check it out...Mark


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