I went to see consultant on the 30th Jan about intrahepatic arterioportal shunt and the problems like odema scratching and bad moods. All he said to me was that blood for my liver came back normal and that he would write to my GP. O am left bewildered I mean what happens with this shunt,why am I still having a lot of pain the size of my stomach all I have been told are associated with my liver. What happens to this intrahepatic arterioportal shunt now. I don't know which way to turn or what to do now. Can any of yous suffering please tell me if I should get a second opinion please.

Many thanks


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  • Shunt or stent goes in your main portal vein in your liver it's to open the blood flow better to reduce the symptoms you are experiencing, the procedure itself is not painful and will be over and done with in 30 minutes, I myself had a stent fitted 3 years ago pre transplant and it worked very well for 2 years. And a lot of people on here have had the same procedure x. Good luck with it

  • Kittyjack's liver from what I remember of earlier posts has in effect given itself a shunt - it's not that she's having one surgically.


  • Yes that is right Katie but surely they can't just leave the way the shunt has went as that would mean I would have these symptoms for life. He more or less dismissed me when I asked about it and now I am left more concerned than I was over Christmas and new year. I am seeing my GP tomorrow I wonder if she could refer me to someone else x

  • Ah sorry I needed mine adjusted about 6 months after initial procedure so they will probably do that with yourself x. Sorry I read initial query wrong Doh...

  • Bloody hell I done it again I am having a dizzy 😵 day totally.... I honestly can't see them leaving you to suffer but sometimes you have to put your foot down and don't let them fob you off to get the results you want, if you don't feel strong enough take someone with you my husband had to be my foghorn in the end x

  • I have to write everything down jojo as I don't have anyone to take with me. I'm scared by the way he dismissed it as if it were nothing. It has moved for a reason and I need to find out if it will be safe where it is and what is leaking from the portal and where is it going to. Really appreciate your kindness and pleased they got yous sorted for you

    Kitty x

  • Aww hunni not good and I remember now having to write everything down to ask I still have to do now and I still forget to ask some things lol. Do you see the same consultant everytime? Because if you honestly don't think he has your best interests at heart do speak to your gp, it's bad enough going through what you are without feeling you have support from the professional who supposed to be looking after you x

  • Def get a second opinion x

  • I am going to ask my GP today Geffy and see what she says. Many thanks for your input x

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