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Happy to be here

Hi I'm sally. I had my transplant (liver) a year ago at Addenbrooks. It's great and I am grateful. When I go for checkups they expect me to be shinney happy. But it does not stop the rest of your life from sucking. It all went really well and I know how lucky I am but no one knows what it's like to feel so sad when every one expects me to be happy.

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I've just had my liver transplant so it's early days for me but we humans are very complex emotional beings. And even after a liver transplant you are still you with the same hang ups hormones etc.. I used to be a nurse and saw death and suffering everyday and as such became very unmaterilistic and knew how trivial everyday life's worry so can be but I still had down days even when I had nothing to be down for lol I still had a husband kids mortgage etc . You are not a robot you can not control your feelings. Anyway if you were happy all the time you would become a crazy person 🤓.


I recently mentioned it in a previous post but sometimes it's all about perspective. A slight change in the way you look at your situation can change everything about the way you perceive your life and make you happy.

Living in the moment and not worrying about the past which you can't change or the future which you can't predict can be all thats needed.


Hi sally424, first can I say I know exactly how you feel , I had my transplant September 2015, and sometimes think what was the point when I still feel rubbish, but I have to agree with rodeojoe that its all about perspective and when I feel rubbish I remind myself of all the things that have gotten better and for some reason it makes me feel better, look after yourself I hope things get better soon 🌸🌼


Thanks guys it's nice to know it's not just me. X


love SO grateful to be a patient there.

Funny, no one expects me to be happy? Had my operation with Mr. Butler in Oct. 2015.

Unfortunately my new liver is having a mechanical I had to get a Tipps Shunt, now I have terrible HE, hepatic enchalopothy. It causes me to lose my memory and act crazy for days.

Just had another assessment on Dec. 23rd. Now Im going back on the list for a new liver AND a kidney.

Its very tough. I cry a lot..but I am so grateful for the NHS and getting to be a patient at Addenbrookes. They have the highest success rates in the country, not to mention, Mr. Butler is the only transplant doctor in the country that does multiviserals and is famous for it.

Who is your tx coordinator? Speak to them..let them know how your feeling.

What we had done is huge and effects us in all ways.

And if you need to it. You can be sad and grateful at the same time! We are human, after all and can hold more than one emotion at one time!

It will be ok.

Allison, Gelson, Leithead, Tracy, Fiona..they ALL me!

cheering you on!



Thank you it's hard for me to let go. In my family I have been the one holding others together. They are so unwell as silly as it may seem I never felt like I have the right to fall apart. Thank you x


You are such a wise person and so strong!I have so much admiration for your humanity and generosity. Hope you get your transplant as soon as possible!


Hi Kimberly sorry to hear your new bit is not cooperating...You didn't get chance to enjoy it did you. Wishing you so much luck in double op...Hope it will not be too long.... What is the normal wait?

I have been booked for part 1asessment on Feb 20th at Q e so excited /apprehensive all mixed together.

Crossed fingers for both of us.much love cazer.xx


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