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Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with stage 3 liver disease from a fibroscan, my consultant said i need liver biopsy to confirm the extent of the disease. I have been offered to go onto the regenerate clinical trial to see if this helps. Trouble is there are 3 groups 1 which will be given a placebo and the trial lasts for 6 years. Has anyone else been asked to go onto this trial and if so how have people found it? Thanks in advance xx

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  • Yes I agree with your consultant.MRI and liver function test may also be required

  • I've been on the trial for just over one month and there has been no side effects from my medication however I don't know if I've got the placebo or not

  • Hi thanks for the reply, glad you got no side effects. That's the trouble not knowing what your taking although from what I've read up they do keep a close eye on you which is good. Did you have the liver biopsy, if so what was the recovery like! Just thinking about work as I've already had 3 months off this year for a hysterectomy xx

  • Hi, yes i had the liver biopsy, second one I've had and apart from the pain in the shoulder for a few hours and a bit of abdominal discomfort it wasn't too bad. I was back to normal after a few days and it was well worth it as the results of the biopsy showed what my liver was actually like in terms of progression

  • In the same boat - just had it this morning - liver capsul pain and up neck dire - was a bit panicked as the doc said she was using a larger guage needle!!

    Anyway that's it over and done with - still laying down.

    Now the wait for results :(

  • Ive just had a liver biopsy as my last one was a year ago and to go on the trial you have to have had one in the last 6 months, im hoping it will show some improvement from grade 3/4 liver disease. Both times I was back at work the next day, although had to take it a bit easier than Anne. wont be staring the pills for a couple of weeks


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