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Post 2010 and a accident I had, I was a person who all my life worked hard and played hard. Now I am a person who doesn't want to work or play at all. I try all the time to get back to how I was but to no avail, I really miss my "real self" . I have tried various anti depressants but didn't get on with them. I have diazapam here and there for when I get really down to get me away from the really morbid thoughts I have. All I want to do is go to work and can't no matter what I do and I've tried loads, like CBT, voluntary work (made me very ill). I wish I knew what is wrong with me.

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  • Sorry to hear this , I have Been where you are now , I am on meds for anxiety and depression , I am not the same person I was 4 yrs ago , but that's due to the loss of my dad . I don't work because of my health issues .do you take any meds for depression ? Sounds to me like you are depressed even though you don't realise it . Go talk to your doctor again . I have had CBT twice now and it did help me in a way , I'm not there fully yet but I hope 2017 brings in a better year . Good luck ! Best wishes. Linda

  • Thank you for your kind words Linda. I wish you health and happiness in the new year. Take care and try keep your chin up.

  • Than you Philip , you are most welcome .. Same to you . Have a merry Christmas 🎄. Take care . Keep us updated . I will do . Linda

  • I completed HCV treatment back in August. So far so good on that one. At the moment I have a bad case of the blues, bad accident related.

  • Well I'm glad tha has been completed for you . I too can get down .. Especially this time of year . So your not on your own Philip . Sorry to hear about your accident . Keep your chin up . 😊

  • I will keep my chin up Millie, and thank you 😙 Please call me Phil if you want to.

  • Yes you do that , it will get better 😊. Just take each day it hour as it comes. If you need to talk I'm here most of the time . Best wishes Phil

  • I am just wondering, do you take vitamin E??

  • Dear Linda, as you haven't answered my message I hope you are ok and I haven't upset you by asking.


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