Full of gratitude

Full of gratitude

My paracentsis was Tuesday. I have cycled 24 miles since then quite hard and hoop danced 2 hours non stop. I feel positive the exercise is what keeps me going. So does my doctor. I cycle as hard as I used to drink years ago. I like cycling far better, no remorse in it at all. Friday before my drain, the head of the doctors at the liver transplant center, my doctor told me to notify my family its the end. It wasn't. Sure its coming, it comes to us all. Exercise even if its sitting down in a chair. I can do some serious dancing in a chair. My eyeballs are still very white. I have had liver cancer more than 2 years now. I just want to dig in and enjoy all thats left to me. Being up like this is usually followed by a huge fatigue spell. But if I quit, I am sure my eyeballs will become yellow, breathing very difficult and HE will try to rear its ugly head. I am a mass of cirrhosis. Never give up. I really have almost died 3 times now. Its astonishing how much work and mental stress we all have in our lives. Best wishes to all in this hard fight.

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  • great news. i love my dancing and when i went for the mri scan the nurse said " do you want music" i said no because i will start to dance she said " you cant dance if your lying down in a small place on your back" i said i can dance anywhere. its all done with my muscles. its amazing what movement does for us isnt it? even when i was really ill if i could not dance to the music i just walked the steps that made me even better at dancing as i was in my body and going so slow. im so happy to read your post. you'd be surprised how many so called healthy people will die before you. watch the news read the news paper.it all comes as a shock to us. look at princess diana. there are people dying all the time. we are walking miracles.dont think of the huge fall enjoy what you'v got its that same for me. but i only have right now, i think i should go to bed its 4.03 am. you have 9 lives like a cat. thats where catfishjumpin comes from. goodnight dearest one, 🤗

  • You are totally inspirational !! :)

  • Sooooo happy to hear your still in the game and you're playing a blinder!!!!!! Well done long may it continue. An inspiration!!!!!! 👏👏 xx

  • Wow. You are a legend. Please keep fighting and being such an inspiration to us all xxxx 😘

  • I am hopeless without those who believe in me. It's true here too even though I have never met anyone here in person, unlikely to, you are all my people. I am more comfortable in myself and my life from my interactions with all of you. Thank you. Glad to find all of you. Thankful to be here.

  • Good for you. Keep it up. Right I need to get on my bike now.

  • It's astonishing to me how well you are doing. You have been thru so much and are doing really well. Ok get on your bike. Find the kid in you. Be happy.

  • I'll tell you, I wasn't on my bike when I was as ill as I believe you are right now. I physically couldn't, I'd get out and walk as far as I could though, and some days that was only a few km.

    In my mind if I gave up and spent the day in bed it was game over. But yes I have recovered really well, I couldn't ask for it to have gone better. I'm just in a position that I can get on my bike and cycle. Sadly other people haven't quite got there yet, I've been incredibly lucky.

  • I hope for a slice of your good luck but I am not young as you are. I am very happy for you. Aloha and know your story and attitude give me lots of hope.

  • You are putting me to shame Catfish - yes I can cycle 24 miles but I do it on my electric bicycle which of course is cheating!! I love the look of that restaurant. All the best.

  • That's not cheating, that's discipline my friend. Good on you. Keep pedaling!

  • yes very well done. 👍

  • what a great post to start my day with! well done lovely woman, keep dancing and cycling (and jumping) xxxxxxx

  • You truly are an inspiration, I shall be going to the gym later this afternoon, I don't feel like it, but I have no excuse. x

  • I am happy to hear this. Fight with all your heart. Deep in us is buried our true being, we need to dig that person out and let that person carry us through. Have a good one at the gym. Do all you can then pat yourself on the back for it. Self love opens us up to loving and understanding all our brothers and sisters whether we like them or not, we can learn from them. Do not let your gym mates intimidate you. We are all on the level we are on. The real jock cyclist out here on the shore, I just love how they have enough energy to lap the whole island, cannot do that but in my mind I am my own super star. An old lady super star. Be well.

  • You are an inspiration to me!!!!......I'm wondering weither to go to the doctors and then I read your comments what a brave lady you are.......Maria x

  • You are marvelous, WELL DONE ! I bet you could write a book about your life. Keep going. This would be a good doc. on the TV. All the very best.

    Louise xxxx

  • That's very generous of you. I do love to write. Best to you.

  • Truly an encouraging post, I have slight scarring , extensive fibrosity to the left quad near the portal vein, moderate fat deposits and I am on the mend through continued sobriety and low fat, salt , and sugar diet also take vitamin supplements , thiamine, gluathion , ordourless garlic , and lots of vit C. I attribute this to my having been cleared of HCV over a year ago. My weight is back, muscle mass is increasing though the wasting was not that bad, my energy is back I get up with the birds and retire with the stars, 16 hours, Just keep my mind occupied do yard work , walk, so will own a dog to walk. Its amazing , the best of all .I owe it all to my health insurance which allowed me to receive the Harvoni treatment. It is a miracle drug and have enjoyed sustained virological resesponse from the HCV virus for over 1 year . My recommendation is to do what I have done: continue to have LFT checked and yearly utrasounds to check for HCC. I had an oncologist do extensive screen for HCC using contrasting dye ultrasounds to check for venous and arteriole lesions. Happy to report I am free and clear also good bile flow, no portal tension, spleen is ok clotting ok. no acetis, no varices ! I am grateful for the care I have received and continue to have faith that I have a new lease on life. My advise to everyone is keep pressing for detailed information from your specialist and any new treatments because the Experts are reluctant to share this until you do. Best wishes to all of you.


  • Cheers to your new found health! Aloha

  • thank you catfish you hanger on'er you . It ain't over til its over.


  • What truly brave and marvellous people out there. I am so glad I found this group. I shall try never again to complain when I am in great pain or depressed. But when it does happen, you seem to think you are the only one suffering and feel sorry for yourself. When the distress is over, I wonder why I was so selfish. Well done to you too Peter.

    Louise xxx

  • That's why I love this group. I could try to explain all day long and no one would understand. In fact most think it's just a lot of drama. So we end up going inside ourselves, it's lonely there. Too much loneliness is confusing then we feel detached and not a part of society and life any more. That's a devastating feeling, very sad. Here I have my people. We all get each other. We fall down, we pick each other up.

  • You are a special person thank you for sharing with us all xx

  • You are brave beyond words, truly inspirational! Keep doing what you are doing because it's giving you an inner strength to keep going. Hugsxx

  • So meaningful your support.

  • Well done and keep going catfish, you are doing great..live life,love life..you are going to be around for some time yet..i'm sure of it.TC Jenny xx

  • Ok I will believe you, thank you. Its pretty clear all my strength comes from the people who believe in me and cheer me on. I am so grateful for all of you...

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