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gallbladder problem


hi New here so please nice I have just been to my Doctor Who after repeated episodes and the food doctor trips after telling me it was just indigestion and nothing to worry about has just told me that I need my gallbladder removed as I have multiple small stones in my gallbladder that could block any dubbed was wondering if anybody has had their gallbladder removed if so what what the pros and cons and has anyone had any complications and also how long does it take to recover from the surgery I'm only 22 so quiet worried

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Hi Becca12345

I had my gallbladder removed in July it's quite a straightforward op recovery time is about 6 to 8 weeks compared to the pain i was having with my gallbladder it's the best thing I'm pain free now i went in at 7am and home by 4.30pm you won't be able to lift anything for about 6 weeks i think ie shopping ect and no bath but your able to have a shower within 24/48 hours hope this gives you a little insight your be told all the pros and con's at your hospital appointments good luck and try not to worry

Merry Christmas

Tracy 107

I'm not sure how anyone can confuse gall bladder pain with indigestion. Gall Bladder is hundreds of time worse. I had mine removed in March this year (2016). Immediate cessation of attacks and a big decrease in nausea. A female friend of mine had attacks and she says that it is equivalent to childbirth. Being male, I cannot comment. Some nausea remained after the operation, so after a couple of months the doctor sent me for a colonoscopy. Part of the colonoscopy is an 'extreme purgative' to clear out your system. The colonoscopy was all clear and the nausea disappeared. The specialist then told me that this is a common occurrence. All in all, go for the removal as soon as you can - I went private for mine as I got fed up waiting for the NHS. Feeling great now. The operation itself is a doddle.

Hi Becca l had my gallbladder removed in October I was in as a day patient. I just felt relieved after the operation that it had gone. I'm getting back to normal now. They are very helpful at the hospital and will look after you. I hope that you will have a lovely Christmas. Take care.

Hi Becca - I would seek an endoscopy before you commit to gall bladder surgery. If the stones are truly the cause of your gut issues then gall bladder surgery is the answer but if they are not then you will continue to suffer post surgery but without a gall bladder which in itself can cause problems of bile acid malabsorption (see other posts on here). I too was diagnosed with lots of small stones in my gallbladder and so had it removed. Unfortunately they were not the cause of my pain and a subsequent endoscopy revealed gastritis and severe duodenitis as the cause (the gall bladder sits over the duodenum). If I could turn back time I would not have the surgery. I would urge you to explore all other causes and alternatives before you commit to surgery as once its out you can't put it back.

Good luck x

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