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Gallbladder stones any advice

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Hi I'm a newbie so first post. just been put on waiting list for gallbladder removal due to several stones and would like any advice about the op and what to expect and also how long it takes to recover from surgery and whether it's worth having it done. Any advice will be much appreciated.

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Hi Raventhorpe. I had my gallbladder removed along with my liver when I had my transplant. Apparently it's done as a matter of course. I didn't even know until I asked after hearing that others had it removed at liver transplant. Surgeon told me yes it had been removed and it was a part that wasn't really needed. So I don't know how long it takes to recover from just the gallbladder being removed but would guess that it's a quicker recovery than from a liver transplant. I can tell you that I haven't missed it in any way. Hopefully you'll hear from somebody on here soon that can give you an idea about recovery time. Regards Alf

Thank you so much for your swift reply, my op sounds so small in comparison to what you have been through and I hope you are making a good recovery.

Doing very well thanks, 7 months post transplant. Re gallbladder, I remember having some problems that could have been related to the gallbladder, it's difficult to tell when you have liver problems exactly what is causing what but I was told that I had some sludge in mine, so sounds like I was well rid of it!

Hi was wondering if you have had your gall bladder out yet! Or still on th list, I have had my gallbladder out on Thursday last week, so still pretty raw at the moment , but I woke up this morning in some considerable pain , I've taken painkillers and the pain has subsided apart from I can feel it pulsing on the right side , wondering if this is normal? It's under my rib cage ,goes from front to back and feels strange? Any ideas ?

Hi Nannywales, No haven't had my op yet am on the waiting list at moment also said I'd take a cancellation if they have one, been up most of the night with an attack so will be glad to get mine done. If I was you I'd call 111 and have a chat with doc just to make sure that all is as it should be. You could try putting out a general post on here there are people on here who have had the op and maybe better placed to answer you question, sorry I can't be much help, wishing you well. x

If you have keyhole surgery, 5weeks recovery nothing in my opinion to worry about the operation I would sooner have the op than the stones

Thank you for taking time to reply, good to know that op nothing to worry about, yes I must admit I'm fed up with the stones such a worry whether something you eat will set off the terrible pain in the stomach and then up all night, have to be so careful what I eat.

Yes I have been through all that do not want anything like it again all the best for your upcoming operation and all the best for future

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Hi Raventhorpe

I am sure the forum members will share their own experiences of a cholecystectomy ( gall bladder removal via surgery) you may also want to read our publication on gallstones that does detail surgery;

Best wishes



I still have my Gallbladder and the stones. Were you given any details when you had your Ultrasound scan?

The radiographer told me there were 3 and turned the screen to show me the image - they looked like 3 peas in a pod! And I made that comment!! I asked the size and recall her saying 2mm but can't remember at which point in the scan and whether or not that was the largest or smallest stone. The size of each of the 3 she showed me was much bigger, about 1cm, but I don't know the scale of the image. As she continued she said 'oh, there's a cluster here lower down'. Or something like that - I definitely remember the word 'cluster'. She then went quiet and didn't show me anymore images.

When I got the a copy of the report it just read "Numerous calculi ".

So , in my case, I don't think I had / have any sludge.

I recall my mother's scan after A&E admittance with Choelysistitis. One of her stones was 2cm and she had a lot of sludge. She wasn't well enough for surgery due to end-stage heart & lung disease. She also had other things which affected her stomach.

I remember her GP explaining to me at the time that it was the sludge that was dangerous. He said something like "stones rattle around and cause discomfort but the sludge can rise up and cause more serious problems. " That was 18 years ago.

More recently an elderly friend had her Gallbladder removed a couple of years ago, she had some complication and had to stay in hospital longer than planned but is glad she had the surgery.

I think it depends on the individual.

I have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis and Hypothyroidism so I'm keeping my Gallbladder whilst I can.

Edit: ps

Forgot to mention - my scan was about 8 or 9 years ago. The radiographer said you've had these a long time - about 10 years. I corrected her as I think (then) I'd had them more like 20 years.

Had my Gallbladder out a year ago. It is a cakewalk surgery. You will most likely be golden in around a week. I’m so glad to have it out. When mine finally flared up so bad ,I thought I was going to die. That is some pain! Laparoscopic surgery on those is quite common. Wishing you well. Try not to worry. If you have to have any surgery, this is one of the easier ones. Prayers to you 🙏🙏

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Raventhorpe in reply to Casinobo

Thank you so much that's definitely put my mind at rest.

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Casinobo in reply to Raventhorpe

Wishing you. Quick speedy recovery. It was my first surgery. I was a bit terrified, but was so happy not to worry about one of those episodes ever again.😀

My husband is end stage liver disease, his gall bladder went septic so had to be removed 17/2 by open surgery. It turned into a big op for a terminally ill patient. However, six weeks later, he is doing great and pain free! He has a test tube of his gall stones as a souvenir! Good luck, Anne.

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Raventhorpe in reply to Peeps7

Thank you so much for your reply, so glad your husband has made a good recovery.

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