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Gall bladder

My dypypms^episodeEd are , pain in upper tummy round to side and back , very dark smelly urine changing to clear in a few hours , nausea ? Not often , feeling very cold inside , strange rash that looks like a meningitis rash but about 50p size , I and family had a really bad tummy bug on Sunday and I just can't seem to feel better from it , Had some chick soup yesterday and today because I actually over 2 days socked up 2 bucket fullsorry to be so graphic but have never been that sick in my life and I am 60 !my tummy.right.through tomy back ffeels like it is ripped to the extent of having to sit down , I do feel better in myself

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Welcome to the forum,

It is imposible to diagnose medical conditions online, based on the symptoms you have described it would be advisable to go to the GP's and get them to assess you.

We hope you feel better soon,

Best wishes,



hi cammy just as has been advised i do think you should go to your doctor and if you dont feel well enough then you could call them out. it does sound as though you have really had an awful time of it. and being older i think its much harder to i'v been ill most of my late 40 to now im 65 and feel its harder on our bodies and we take longer to recover as many of our cells are dying off. try drinking pleny water too as usually the urine can be dark if we dont drink enough water also water is good for us and gets the system flushed out. please do go to your doctor as i don't like the sound of that rash. keep in touch with us cammy and let us know how you get on dear. i do hope that you feel much better soon. lots of love grace xoxoxo🤗


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