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My husband drinks too much , his ankles are swollen , his stomach is swollen and in the mornings after drinking late into the evenings his face is reddish and swollen . He doesn't drink every night but probably 5 out of 7 nights . He holds down a good job and functioned quite well but I worry . Sometimes he isn't very nice and can say hurtful thingswhen drunk ( he's usually nice ) and he frequently falls asleep downstairs .

I wonder if he has liver desease with all the swelling .

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Hi Winniemay, You are right to be worried on his and your behalf and he clearly needs some support to acknowledge that he has problem. Your first step might be to alert your GP about your concerns for the impact of his health on you. You then may feel more supported in getting him to see the GP in his own right. Clearly this cannot continue.

Thanks Mike , I hadn't really thought about going to see my GP myself but I will now . I have real concerns about my husband but the impact on myself takes it toll ... Anxiety usually . I don't drink much at all , mainly due to watching someone else get drunk ( not pretty ) and having to be the responsible one for our son still at home .

Thankyou so much for the support .

Sometimes a visit to the doctor and some blood tests might be enough to stir someone into action. Sounds like his liver might be a bit stressed to me. Try and coax him to the gp. This is the site for you plenty of good advice here. Best



You will find lots of useful information on The British Liver Trust website, you may want to look at the publication on Alcohol and Liver disease, see link here


As the other followers have suggested, it would be advisable to get him to see the GP as his symptoms need reviewing and the GP can also help with alcohol advice.

Best wishes,


Hi you say he drinks late in the evening 5 out of 7 nights a week but holds down a good job ,first does he drive ? seems he thinks he knows best but obviously doesn't ,your taking all the pain of his drinking problem ,I would go to see your GP for yourself first n talk to them , your husband needs to stop getting drunk or he will just get worse as it sounds like the problem with his body has already started ,good luck with everything

This is how I startedoff, falling asleep on the sofa, ankles were swollen etc. Then it became so bad I couldn't even walk properly and was so weak. I could hardly breathe. I was taken to A&E and it turned out my liver and kidneys were so badly damaged that my blood circulation was so poor that blood wasn't getting into my legs. My swolen stomach was full of all the toxins and rubbish that my liver couldn't process and was poisoning my body. I spent 2 weeks in hospital until I was well enough to leave. I was still in denial I had a problem. I would get him to see a gp immediately.

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