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Stomach agony/weight lose

I've been getting v bad pain on my 1stomach between upper ribs directly below throat ,for about 3/oaths I've been getting gas wind/burn loud uncontrollable. It feels like I've swallow an huge ice cube that's square going in a round hole ,, cannot finish a meal usually 5/1in eating guts bubbling pain starts on the bed within 20min usually fall asleep on pain wake up with pain all times most 2hr kips I feel so weak diarrhoea constipation in same visit,, got to point I don't want to eat even when rarely hungry,, I've been tested for pancrease lung stomach cancers,, CLEAR JUST MEET A PROFF THINKS A GAL STONE AND TO TAKE GAL BLADDER OUT I WAS A 36inch waist now 9st 28ish waste o was worried they didn't find anything with cy Xsan and camera so I'm hoping really it's my gal because if not idk what's next not that I want a surgery but morphine and pain blockers don't help at all o also suffer artery desease in groom and legs IVE HAD A GUTFULL OF THE PAIN ALSO HAD A HERNIA REPAIR GO VERY WRONG LEFT WITH PAIN DOWN BELOW IDK IF PAIN FROM THE CUT NERVES GOING UP ASWELL AS DOWN

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Have you had an ultrasound? They're quite good at finding gallstones. Sorry to hear about the discomfort-sounds horrible. Good news on the cancer tests though. Presume liver blood tests are normal right? We're not doctors here but for liver issues there are standard courses of action if the docs think it is a liver issue?

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