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Budd chiari

Hello, this is my first time posting on here. my husband was diagnosed with budd chiari earlier this year. As let we do not know the cause of this, heamatology appointment in Dec to try to find out. I know this is a raregain condition. my husband had stent via tipps procedure and is on warfarin, carvediolol and omeprazole for the varices. He has tried to go back to work as a self employed carpenter but only managing 3 days a week but recently was prescribed a certain antibiotic at a dose that was to high for his liver to cope with so is off work again as this made him feel unwell due to affecting his liver function. As this is early days for us, just wondered if anyone has had any joy with applying for pip with this condition (my husband is our main bread winner and we are not in receipt of any benefits at the moment and his critical illness didn't cover him for any problems with his lver, they will only pay out if he goes on a transplant waiting list) and if others with this condition manage full time work? Does he just need to give his body time to recuperate from all that's happened this year? He is now depressed about it all and I think it would help him to speak to others who are diagnosed with the same condition.

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Have you seen the British Liver Trust page on Budd Chiari at:- It goes into some detail about the illness and treatment etc.

My hubby has cirrhosis due to Auto-Immune Hepatitis and is unable to work (due to sheer exhaustion, chronic fatigue, poor concentration, hand temors, & other HE symptoms) - the diagnosis itself isn't what gets you through these claims it is down to how the condition impacts on you day to day. My husband gets Employment and Support Allowance (Support Group) and also PIP (Enhanced Daily Living and Basic Rate Mobility). PIP proved a bit of a battle but after appeal we got it first time round and it was therafter renewed in a fresh claim once the first award ran its course.

I found great support filling in the forms from the online guides at Benefits & Work - they basically take you through the process step by step and show you how to describe symptoms etc. in such a way as to 'score the points'. There is a small fee (less than £20 to join the site but from using it I can tell you it is worth every penny).

All the best to you both



Thank you so much Katie for your reply. I will def look on that site for help to fill out the forms.

Many thanks again


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