Kidney issues anyone's?

Well the doctor informed me earlier that my kidney function was a bit off. They didn't let me go home today. They want to wait until tomorrow. I told them that I've hardly eaten or drank since Sunday so isn't it normal? Also they found some protein and blood in my urine?

I don't mind staying in hospital but I hate my local one. It is very dirty the GI ward. It smells of urine and feaces. I can barely keep water down because of the smell. They told me to leave a urine sample for them so I they showed me a supposedly clean toilet. Well, it had a basin with a gown and human feaces on it. I was not able to wash my hands either. They said the basin in that bathroom is not working and I should come to my room and use the basin in here. I honestly do not know what to say. I know there are quite a lot of elderly people here but the smell is awful.

What's the point putting me in a side room without a bathroom? I'm having to share those dirty toilets and catch further germs.

Anyway hoping tomorrow they let me go home. I only live around the corner so I wish they'd let me go and if any of the results show anything then they can call me back in.

Thank you

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  • bless you sweetheart i know it's awful my local hospital is vile n filthy too but I'm glad you got help. I was so worried for you. Try n hang in there. I can't do smells either. Side room with no bathroom wow 😲 strange. Probably was a broom cupboard and they shoved a bed in there. Fingers crossed you can get out asap. ❤🙏🏻 xx

  • I was constantly getting problems with my kidneys for the last year before my transplant. and it is so important that they keep you in whilst they sort it out. are you on water tablets?

  • I had my transplant 18 months ago so I an hoping no more drama. I am missing my children so much. I am so praying today they allow me home after seeing the blood works have improved.

    Thank you

  • ❤🙏🏻 I had problems before n after transplant with silly kidneys. Behaving at the moment thank god Hope you go home today. X

  • Hi everyone

    So the end diagnosis was acute kidney injury. It took two days for the creatinine level to get to 106. When I had gone in it was triple that level. My whilte blood cells are quite low so I have to go back in for bloods. They have no idea what caused it but I'm sure it was the dehydration.

    Thanks all

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