Stomach bug

On Sunday night I came down with a high fever and the next day it was followed by vomitting. Finally that stopped and now I have had diarrhoea for about 2 days along with abdominal cramps. The fever and vomiting has gone but the diarrhoea isn't improving. Does it take longer for a stomach bug to go? This is hard.

I'm finding it hard to keep fluids or food down. I have managed half a bowl of soup in two days.


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  • I can't recall eating anything different from any other day. I do hope it is just a stomach bug as I had a fever and vomiting along with it. The diarrhoea only started 2 days ago.

  • The Noravirus is doing the rounds at the moment, i've heard of lots of folks with it. They won't want you going to the GP surgery whilst you have it but you might need some guidance if it is that because it is obviously going to impact on your immune suppressants and post transplant medication. NHS page about the illness is at :-

    May be worth running by your Transplant team if you are struggling to keep meds down etc.

    Hope it clears up soon.


  • Thanks Katie

    Got a lot of stomach pain. Just can't handle the pain and I think since yesterday and today I've ran to the 9/10 each day.

    I Dont know who to call as they told me not to call the transplant team any longer? The secretary still hasn't got back to me about the message I left her on Friday.

    Thank you. I just hope it goes soon. I have 2 kids to look after and husband has to go into work.

  • Call 111 for advice if you are worried about your meds etc. Being post transplant and also having an ongoing liver condition it might be they can give you something to help the diarrhoea / vomitting. I wouldn't just keep soldiering on if you have concerns.

  • this happened to me recently and it was the CMV virus. 2weeks of running to the toilet it was agony. Had a fever the first night. Have you had a transplant? Sorry i haven't looked just saw this post

  • sorry yes you have. Pls get checked out. I was told off by my consultant for leaving it. I should have had a gp visit at home immediately or hospital. Pls do not leave it. 🙏🏻 for you x

  • Thank you Sheri. I've gone to the toilet about 12 times today. I am in so much agony with this pain. My husband has to stay home with my little children and I do not have the courage to go on my own with a taxi. I thought I was going to pass out in the bathroom with the pain now. I'm hoping I can manage until the morning and then somehow make it into emergency but I'm dreading sitting in pain all alone.

    Thank you x

  • i totally understand but you need to be seen urgently. Call your gp for a home visit then. Pls pls get seen to. Good luck 🍀🙏🏻 xx

  • Darling please get to A and E as sherri says. You,ll need rehydrating I would have thought. Where in the country are you?. I.ll look it up if you,re on people near me, if Kent area can try and arrange to take you if you,d like. xx

  • your so sweet xxx I'm worried its the virus I have 😢 xxx

  • Thank you Tillycindy. I made it on my own. I couldn't bear the pain. They've put me on some potassium and fluids. They have contacted the transplant unit and taken bloods. We are just waiting for the results and possibly sending me to a ward. I'm stuck in a&e. It is one of the worst hospitals and I hate coming here. They haven't even offered me lunch and the toilets in this hospital are disgusting. I already suffer from OCD especially when it comes to the bathroom. Well I do not even want to describe how disgusting the bathrooms are. Public loos must be better.

    They testing me CMV too.

    I have had norovirus before and the abdominal pain was not this unbearable to the point where I feel like I'm passing out.

  • Thank goodness, I know you didn,t want to, sherri is just as bad!. I get messages like "my runs are green, don,t worry!.". Phew, at least you,re there sweets unpleasant as it is. Please keep us updated. Good luck. anne. x It was the dehydration that was really worrying me, you should feel loads better once those fluids are in you, I know I do. x

  • Seems like Norovirus - D+V diarrhoea and vomiting. Very common in winter. You should be cleared after 48 hours. Try to drink plenty of fluid and not to contact with any other people because it"s highly contaminated, dangerous to babies and pregnant women. Take care of yourself !

  • I've had it for 4 days now. There's no sign of the abdominal pain decreasing or the diarrhoea going.

    Thank you

  • Darling, have you seen anyone yet?. You,ve got us worried Sherri and I. anne

  • This is bad. It"s time to call 111 for medical advice or call your GP.

  • It,s o.k Snowdrop, She,s gone in and is waiting to see if they will keep her tonight. In an above post. Anne. x

  • Thank you Snowdrop, I'm at the hospital. I have been here for nearly 12 hours

  • Hello Hun,

    How are you now?


  • A bit better. One loose stool and a slight cramp but way better. I am hoping they let me go today! I find it silly when they keep me without treatment or tests. They can't just see me and know if I'm well or not. If it is for treatment or tests etc I'm OK to stay.

    Just been moved wards again in to a very claustrophobic room. I've been here before when I was falling ill with liver failure under a hepatologist. It is full of elderly people and everything is so cramped and you can smell everything. There's also toilets literally next door without a gap which isn't pleasant. I had a tough time here last a year and a half ago I remember. I am grateful but my OCD is quite bad. I remember sneaking home for a shower as by car it is only 3 minutes away.

    Here's hoping to discharge and a hot bath at home and seeing my children. My daughter is very anxious at the moment so hopefully I will return healthy and happy for her. My 3 year old son, well he did look for me in the morning and that says something lol. Missing them both a lot

    I will let anyone know if there is a diagnosis.

    They have me potassium which helped with the cramps thankfully. I think I was low on that and fluids

    Thank you all

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