Liver disease or not ....16 weeks and counting

Found out October 3rd have Hepatitis C most likely from a blood transfusion when aged 10-11 years of age, Checked with hospital where I have been referred and 16 weeks minimum until first appointment to assess my status... Current symptoms are bouts of extreme fatigue, feeling physically weak, joint and muscle pain, poor memory/concentration, blurred vision.. Is this it? If it takes this long just to be seen to assess 'where I'm at' how long will it take before receiving any treatment? NHS letter mentions NHS Constitution which I imagine outlines waiting times - what recourse do patients have if these are not met or is just propoganda?

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  • Hi, sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I am in the same boat due to a childhood transfusion. I was diagnosed in 2014 and started treatment early this year, hep c is very slow acting so they tend not to act as swiftly as they would if it was a more aggressive virus, I read it can take 20+ years before it can cause damage. It seems in the uk that treatment is given to those of us who are more 'damaged' from the virus, my fibro scan was 11.6 kpa which put me close to cirrhosis which enabled me to get treatment...(silver linings eh!! :/ ) regards to your symptoms it could be down to the hep c, have you checked out the hep c trust yet, they're really really helpful!! In regards to your transfusion please contact your hospital, gp etc to see if theres any records of it & if they're are get copies asap, then check out the skipton fund as you are owed a gratis payment, I hope this information is still on file for you because it seems for many people all records of transfusions have disappeared hence people being able to 'prove' they had treatment with contaminated bloods. Good luck

  • oh ffs...I've just realised I've already told you about skipton on another thread...ooops lol

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