Portal Hypertensions - Swollen abdomen, flatulance

Hi I wonder if anyone can help me?

I've put it down to my condition (BA, portal hypertension, enlarged spleen etc) but I really suffer with a swollen stomach it goes up and down through the day but more often than not is uncomfortably swollen, sometimes the only relief I can get is some horrific gas release - I don't over eat or obviously drink (although I do have a sweet tooth) it's really getting me down, I'm awaiting a transplant but where I'm used to some sort of abdomen swelling it's really bad and I notice it i photos, when I'm dressing things are tight - I just don't know what to do -help!

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  • I get similar. I obviously got it really bad with ascities but then it would not go down. I also have coeliac disease and it seems whether I eat gluten or not I often get a swollen stomach. It feels like all I can do sometimes is put up with it or go to bed and usually by the next morning it is ok.

  • When I had my ultrasound they couldn't see any fluid, but it's getting me down massively i just don't know what to do - like you if I eat my stomach expands noticeably

  • It might be worth getting checked out for coeliac disease.

  • I can't seem to stay away from carbs and I think that may be my bloating problem but you mentioned sweets and mine got worse when I started eating ice cream every day... I look pregnant some days. Mine is not fixed by "releasing gas" though! So it sounds like it is a response to something maybe fatty?

  • Yes I am having the same, my stomach is really very uncomfortable and it seems a lot bigger than it was. I am having an ultrasound in a couple of weeks....must say that I also have had a lot of wind so wondering if it is IBS...although I dont eat gluten or lactose. I havent had ascities , just have varices. I also am eating more.. not sure if it is the urso. I don't put weight on though, just this bloated stomach. I have PBC Stage 4 cirrohosis.

  • Bobbycat im very much like you - it's driving me crazy, is ibs something that is common with us??

  • Sugar is an inflammatory food. So are all grains. Fruit is great to meet sugar needs or cravings. If I eat or drink I swell. I do heat when I ingest no more than 6 cups a day of food and fluid. Not each but altogether that's it. Good luck

  • Eat or drink sugar? When you say heat 6 cups of food???

  • Sorry for that typo. I eat only that much food and liquid per day. I eat no junk food. Only organic. Sugar needs to come from fruit. I do have sweetened yogurt but it is organic. Is that clear? Sorry to confuse you.

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