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Fibroscan results

I have had Pbc for 18 yrs and 2 years ago had a fibroscan. At the time I just remember them telling me I had advanced cirrhosis but didn't pay much attention to the scores. Talking to others with liver disease prompted me to ask about my score at recent consultant appt but as was longer than 2 years they couldn't tell me then because the system has become digitalised since 2014.

So I contacted the con secretary who sent me these results ........not sure which is the relevant score

57.2 kpa.....iqr15.3

Repeated after 2 months 38kpa.....iqr 17.5

Can anybody throw any light on this please?

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Hi Spoul, Fibroscan without proper interpretation from Doctors seems to lead to so much confusion, worry and upset.

I have got no idea how the readings go but do know that in different conditions the scores reflect different levels of fibrosis etc. When this question has been asked in the past we seem to share the same page which although is from the Hepatitis C page does further down have a colour chart showing what scores reflect what in numerous conditions including 'Chronic cholestatic Disease' which I imagine would include your PBC. hepatitiscnewdrugresearch.c...

I take it you are under a consultant for your cirrhosis and getting 6 monthly ultrasound scans, occasional endoscopies (to check for varices) and generally being well monitored. Are you displaying symptoms of cirrhosis on top of your PBC?

My hubby has cirrhosis due to Auto-Immune Hepatitis and has never had a fibroscan, it has never even been discussed apart from recently when I asked about something else and liver consultant said there was no need, it wouldn't show anything different because we already know hubby has cirrhosis. I wouldn't worry about the scores too much, they do look high and do reflect your diagnosis of cirrhosis.

All the best,

Katie x


Thanks Katie yes I'm getting 6 monthly checks with the appropriate tests. I'm fairly well my liver function is surprisingly good and bilirubin within normal limits. They said I'm stage 4 so won't have another fibroscan. Just expected one number after further investigation it sounds like the second figure is an average taken in 4 places........I'm not worried just curious x

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Hi I've just been for a Fibroscan and points system ranges from 1_75 one being a floppy good texture liver and 75 obviously not so good I'm guessing late stage. Good luck I hope this helps simon


Yes thank you 😊

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