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Porcelain Gallbladder

Hi all. I've done the stupid thing of googling and now I'm concerned. My surgeon told me that my cholecystectomy was very challenging and that the gallbladder had, in effect, died and had become very hard. I see him again on the 31st October when I will get the lab results. He didn't mention a porcelain gallbladder but from what he did say this seems to fit. Google mentions cancer but I'm thinking it can't be that as there seems no urgency in getting to see me again. Just wondering if anyone else has had this and how you got on?

Sorry for the long post. I know so many of you are going through such a tough time and this seems minor in comparison. Love to all xxx

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try not to worry about that as iv read many post of people with this condition on another site called patient i was on the gallbladder part of the site at one time. i have read that only 1% of people with porcelain gallbladder have cancer. there is much more about this on patient website on the gallbladder part of the site. it is quite rare too. i take it that they did remove the gallbladder? they will send it away for analysisi and you will get the results when you go back to the hospital. i hope that it all works out for you and there are no bad results. all the very best love grace xoxo


Hi Grace

Thanks for replying. I'm feeling well in myself so can only presume all is ok. It's silly really but just voicing my worries on this incredibly supportive website makes me feel better already.

All the best and hope you are doing well.

Sarah xx

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thanks sarah. i had my gallbladder removed about 14 weeks ago. i also had a rare condition called mirizzis's syndrome, and had calcification of the gallbladder. simialar to porcelain gallbladder. mine was caused by chronic infection and the 3cm stone i had. ( i only had one stone ) was in the bile duct. i did have a terrible time as i was in and out of hospital sometimes by ambulance. after i had the gallbladder out i moved over to this site. as quater of my liver had atrophied and my gallbladder was stuck to my liver and instead of being the size of a pear had shrunk to the size of a thimble. they did try to take it out april this year by keyhole surgery and this is what they found so they did not remove it. i had to have an operation called an Hepaticojejunostomy so i was cut across the top of the ribs and down the right side and my bile duct was torn from the stone as it was large and very unusual shape i had to have all the bile duct removed and reconstructed and attached to my jujenum thats the middle part of the lower intestine.also they removed the bit of gallbladder i had left. mind you they did not tell me all this i had to do lots of research on the internet to find out what the operation actually did. the first 10 or so weeks i could eat anything i wanted and after starving for so long thats exactly what i did now im getting problems so i have had to be very careful. iv been through the mill with this gallbladder thing and thought that after the operation i would go back to being 'NORMAL" again but no. im again taking buscopan for cramps. it took a long time to get the diagnosis of mirizzis syndrom and an ERCP and a stent put in before the actuall big operation that took 5 hours. however im getting stronger every day inspite of the sweating at night and the burning body. i am exercising lots and getting out and about. i find night time the worst and hate going to bed as thats seems to be the worst time for me. i wish you well and i would suggest you try to keep to a low fat diet as much as possible as its not the gallbladder that makes the stones its the liver. and now that there is no place for the bile to go. it used to go into the gallbladder. it just constantly runs and the highter fat food that we eat the more bile is made. i'v done lots of research through google so its not a bad thing. obviously it can be worrying as the cancer thing was stated but its not a proven fact that porcelailn gallbladder is a cancerous one. many or not. when i was on the patient webstie i used to see many posts with people who had this condition and i used to wonder what it was. so try not to worry. its not easy i know. all the best. love grace xxx.🤗


Good grief Grace. You've been through the mill. It puts my problems into perspective. You are always so upbeat and I can't thank you enough for that. All my love. Sarah xx


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