I suffer from bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress disorder and diabetes over last couple of years my gp has said that my liver readings have been abnormal when doing bloods for diabetc reviews but nothing has never been done due to the way my surgery is organized rare to see same gp regularly but more than one gp has said results abnormal for over a year now what should i do

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  • Hello there,

    My goodness you have a lot to deal with.

    I hope you're getting all the support you need for your various physical and psychological difficulties. I know from experience its hard to get all the different problems all connected and treated properly.

    You didnt say what the abnormalities in your blood results actually are -so you need to get that clarified so you can rest your mind at least where your liver is concerned.

    What I suggest you do is, call your GP surgery and ask for an appointment with the GP who knows you best.

    Then when you have that appointment arrange to go with a friend or somebody you trust. That way if you forget what you were told or forget the questions you had, there is backup.

    Make a list of the questions that you need to be answered and when you go stick to the list. When you make the appointment it might also be best if you request a 'double' appointment so you have more time to get things clear with your GP.

    There are plenty of people here who have a wealth of knowledge and experience and will be able to give you support and friendly advice.

    For general information go to the British Liver Trust website where you will find pretty much anything you would ever need to know about liver disease.

    I hope this helps.

    Take care,


  • Thanks jim i will do

  • Thanks chris

  • If you have an NHS medical card - which you should have, if not ask for one. On the card you should have the name of the surgery and a named GP ( mine has)


  • Ask for an interpretation of the results. He should refer you for an ultra sound on your liver and fibroscan to see if liver is fatty. Good luck with your health

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