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Hcc advice please

I posted on here a few weeks ago. My husband has cirrhosis and a small hcc 14mm in size, we seen a radiologist who said he would be able to blast the tumour using ablation, we went to see the hepatologist yesterday who said that because my husband had a kidney tumour nothing to do with liver which was successfully ablated 3 years ago and he had a heart attack resulting in stent being put in this was december 2015 and because he has ascites he said he wouldnt recommend ablation but suggested sorafenib yet when we seen the radiologist he said where the tumour was there was no cirrhosis and he could ablate it. We are seeing radiologist on tuesday just wondered if anyone had any advice, he did say no transplant due to heart attack karen x

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Having had a small tumour removed by resection i do know that surgeons are very very reluctant to operate if there is any sign of cirrhosis, so it may apply to ablation as well. I guess its a case of getting the radiologist to talk to the hepatologist and find out why the difference of opinion.


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